Hormonal Trading

“”In the present credit crisis, traders may feel the noxious effects of chronic cortisol exposure, and end up in a psychological state known as ‘learned helplessness‘.”

Jeremy Holt on the psychology of risk taking and the effects of testosterone.

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One thought on “Hormonal Trading

  1. I once, very briefly, went out with a city trader (long ago). He was an amazing bloke – he never rested – he worked all day obviously doing whatever they do, and we’d meet up in the evening and he was like a toddler – he would fidget throughout dinner and just could not relax. He probably only slept about 4 hours every night – the rest of the time he would pace about (this was in the days before internet access at home). He couldn’t handle weekends at all – he was liked a caged lion, always pacing. I often wander what happened to him. No-one can live like that for any period of time.

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