Sit House Stay

I’m currently less than half way through a house-sitting in a semi rural village location. It’s in the nature of house sitting that there’s often a good reason that somebody is willing to allow somebody to live in their home whilst they are away. Usually there are fears of leaving the home unattended with no signs of occupancy and the desire for somebody to tend the plants, garden, pets, put the bins out and keep and eye on things.

You are minding their property and possessions and in exchange you get a change of scenery and use of facilities. In this case I get limited use of a car and the Internet into which I’ve also plugged my Internet phone. I am though doing a certain amount of Integrating a wireless Internet and other home entertainment  and other ‘digital plumbing’ niceties for the owner too.

I am keenly aware that despite the rural location I know that the potential for crime around these parts is quite high and the house owner has already had experience of this. This can add a certain element of a luxury prison cell to the house sit experience in that one person may feel the need to be ‘in house’ permanently for fear of some kind of break in attempt whilst the house is in your care.

My partner loves the sound of the dawn chorus ever morning though I’m having to adjust to living In a place that is permanently cold and draughty compared to our own double glazed and centrally heated rabbit hutch and that currently has me employed as resident spider redeployment officer.

On that note I await the next cry that reveals the discovery of yet another example of indoor wildlife that will again see me intervene on ethical grounds to prevent certain parties from stamping them out in a fit of terror (and this from a person born in the land of very big creepy crawlies as an everyday event).


2 thoughts on “Sit House Stay

  1. I believe that Australian spiders are, to coin a phrase, in a quite different ball park from our own harmless little examples. (Harmless to humans, anyway, if not to flies.)

    I’m not so sure about burglars. It may be that ours are as bad as the Australian variety. The hope is that they will take the hint and avoid an occupied property. A tape recorder with recordings of a deep-voiced barking dog might come in useful.

    We have hitherto relied on the generally scruffy allure of our humble abode to act as a disincentive to thieves but now the house has been done up, it is looking halfway respectable, which is a bit worrying as it might start attracting undesirable attentions. Oh dear.

  2. haha re the spiders. I hate them but don’t like to kill them. Whenever I find one when I am in the house alone – I place a large glass over it and when my son arrives home from school or gets up in the morning he scoops them up in his bare hands and takes them outside. Sometimes, if he is away for a few days, the house can turn into an obstacle course of upturned glasses – and I am a bit of a clumsy oaf so some of the spiders get lucky and escape.

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