Beach Hut Bucks Housing Trend

Beach Huts

At a time when the highly inflated price of housing in the UK has finally started to fall it is interesting , if not mind bogglingly disturbing to find that the real property developer bonanza is clearly beach huts.

A 13ft x 9ft beach hut in Abersoch has just been sold for £70,000.Located on the Llyn Peninsula in Gwynedd, Wales. It boasts views over Cardigan bay and stands in a row of 18 beach huts on a sand dune.

A larger hut measuring 18ft x 15ft , also in Abersoch recently sold for £150,000.

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6 thoughts on “Beach Hut Bucks Housing Trend

  1. Oh I love beach huts. I had no idea they were THAT expensive though. Crazy prices. Doesn’t seem quite right to me. Surely people who perch in beach huts wear hankies on their heads and drink tea from old enamel mugs?

  2. Hi RB- Clearly beach huts are in danger of becoming the new des res (students and 1st time buyers take note). Seems a daft price to pay for a glorified shed (In know; location, location, location).The 150k price is more money than our current des res rabbit hutch is even worth.

  3. Beach huts are in demand at the moment and cost a lot of money whichever town you try.

    I don’t quite know what the attraction is. A beach hut is basically a lockup shed with space for a couple of chairs and some shelves. There isn’t any electricity or running water. If you want tea, you have to bring your kettle and stove (and water) or go to the nearby beach cafe.

    Maybe they somehow fit into the British nostalgia cult. You may know (see my blog) that museums harking back to the “good old bad old days” are doing really well at the moment. Perhaps people are hankering for what they fondly believe was a simpler, less fraught lifestyle. (It wasn’t.)

    I think it’s a fad and that although prices are going through the roof now, they’ll eventually fall through the floor. (Pun intended.) I could be wrong, of course.

  4. You may be right SilverTiger re the nostalgia value. I guess it’s the old supply and demand too (wouldn’t it be cheaper to erect your own tent city on the beach?). It’ll be very embarrassing to admit to beach hut negative equity though.

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