Here Comes Freesat At Last

Today Freesat finally launches in the UK after a series of protracted false starts. A satellite dish based Freesat logocounterpart to the existing free-to view digital TV service Freeview it provides greater UK wide coverage than Freeview and brings the benefit of High Definition channels such as BBC HD and ITV HD along with a larger number of free standard definition channels, regional variations and radio channels than Freeview.

We’ll no doubt see a growing number of Freesat boxes and PVR’s in our high streets and hopefully prices will fall if adoption rates are good. Hopefully this move strengthens free-to-view digital TV in the UK rather than confuses the issue or undermines existing offerings. With the slow growth of IPTV (TV via broadband) and existing subscription based satellite and cable offerings it will be interesting to see how good the take-up of Freesat is.

Expect to see a fair ammount of publicity about Freesat on a Brit TV near you.

Freesat website

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