AOL Desktop For Mac Out Of Beta

AOL has finally released AOL Desktop for Mac after several months of betas. The dedicated software can be used by anyone independent of who their Internet ISP is and brings a lot of the ‘hand-holding’ benefits of AOL’s previous portal software offerings that many people including the oft neglected senior or newbie Internet users seem to prefer.

AOL Desktop for Mac has perhaps received slightly more preferential development treatment than the Windows standalone equivalent though both are part of AOL’s continuing process of opening up their previous proprietary mail, chat and exclusive content offerings to all Internet users as AOL has sold off many of it’s ISP concerns around the world (the Carphone Warehouse bought AOL’s UK ISP wing recently).

The AOL browser is based around Apple’s Safari and boasts tabbed browsing and Safari’s speedy operation though content is US orientated and UK users may prefer to use the AOL UK page as the homepage or just access via their preferred browser.

AOL Desktop for Mac

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2 thoughts on “AOL Desktop For Mac Out Of Beta

  1. Or UK users could ignore all evil AOL related stuff for good and let AOL crawl back under whatever stone it originated from and never, ever, pollute the technology world again. Yeah, that sounds like a better idea.

  2. I hear you Adam though this sort of software is not aimed at you our I and that ‘evil’ criticism can equally be levelled at Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace etc.They all leverage usage data, target advertising and attempt the same ‘one-stop shop’ walled garden.Their past portal offerings have been proprietary nightmares for those of us involved in IT support but sadly some newbies and light users quite like (read find it hard to then learn anything different) the AOL way which may well be what AOL are partly banking on even if they are no longer interested in making Internet provision as large a part of their offerings.

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