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Reluctant Blogger asked me about using twitter clients today so though I’d share a comparison of some of the popular ones. Obviously it’s easy to just use twitter via the twitter website or as many post via texting on their mobile phone or Instant messenger client but many people use a dedicated desktop client or an add on to their web browser.

Twitterfox– one of many twitter add ons for the Firefox browser.

Flock – the social media browser based on firefox has a twitter widget built in.

Twitterific – a small twitter client for mac OS X. I find it a little annoying to have to go into preferences to set the client view for either friend or public timeline but it supports growl notifications on OS X.

Twhirl – Very popular with a lot of people and recently bought by up and coming social video service Seesmic (so might we see video tweets soon?) it has some great features like the ability to search public tweets by a keyword subject though it does not provide a public timeline view at this time.It requires Adobe air to run.

Spaz – Another adobe air based client and currently my favourite. it supports growl notifications on the Mac and key for me is that it’s easy to toggle between friend tweets and the public timeline.Shame about the dubious product name though.

It’s easy to see what people are using as their tweets usually show what method or software they’ve used to post a message after each post.

It’s always good to hear about new twitter and micro-blogging clients.

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3 thoughts on “All A Twitter

  1. Oh Em, I had no idea you had written this. I haven’t looked at blogs in days.

    I did look at Spaz after what you said the other day but when I went there I got confused and left. I will try it again. Although the name really does make it rather unappealing. It’s one of the words I am always telling my sons not to use!

    I will report back tomorrow. I have nothing useful to do this evening so I will spend some time having a look at these things. Perhaps they’ll make more sense after a glass of wine eh? I think I would like to get the hang of posting to Twitter from my mobile – I am often stuck places where there is no wifi and when I have not thought to bring any work, so it would be something to keep me amused.

    Thank you!

  2. Well, don’t be cross at my level of ineptitude, but I did try with this earlier but I dunno whether I was still sleepy or what, but I couldn’t get anything to download onto my computer.

    I will try another time when I can actually see the screen a bit better (squirted sun tan lotion in my eye yesterday and even keeping my eye open is a struggle.)

    But your slide show was good.

  3. Well for many people all this computer stuff isn’t obvious. That’s a failure of human design. It’s like learning a foreign language in that once you grasp the basics it gets easier (though I admit it’s amazing how far some people can muddle through without even knowing the basics).As I always say don’t be led by the crowd if you find one way that’s easier than another. For many accessing twitter via the web is as good a solution as they need. Thanks for the inspiration for the post anyway (I’m a hopeless multi tabbing, multi app, multi tasker). Hope the eyes get better soon. Mine are red raw from pollen poisoning.

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