Allergy Relief from Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy

I noticed one of these things on sale in our local pharmacy  and was a bit taken aback at such a solution for an allergy especially as its proposed solution had managed to entirely pass by my personal radar.

I’m not one to rush to purchase an unknown quantity on impulse so though I’d delve into the Internet a bit more to gauge opinions. I managed to find a very much more expensive unit for sale on Amazon UK with some amusing comments from purchasers;

“I was desperate. I found this. I spent a stupid amount of money. I looked like a firefly three times a day for six weeks…”

Some were good and inevitably others for whom the treatment had not worked were less complimentary, which no doubt pained the purchaser slightly more after spending £80 as opposed to the £14 version I saw in the local pharmacy.

I’m suffering a lot with hayfever this year despite my usual piriton tablets so am wondering if £14 (now £16.99 as of June 2012) is a price worth taking a chance on that such a “left-field’ form of therapy might see some relief though I admit to being as skeptical as I am intrigued.

If anyone has tried red light therapy for the relief of allergy symptoms I’d love to hear how you got on whether good or bad.


Follow-up technical info: This device is stated to be a class IIA medical device that uses dual wavelength photo-therapy (652 nanometer & 940 nm).One wavelength is stated to improve blood flow and circulation whilst the second red light wavelength suppresses the cells that release histamine therefore reducing inflamation and the irritation symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Update June 2010

Lloyds have now introduced a new design red light allergy device that accepts replacement/ extra LED probes. Originally introduced at £19.99 they now seem to be on offer (as of June 22 2010) for just £10.

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125 Comments Add yours

  1. Graeme says:

    My colleague swears by it. He says it completely removes his symptoms.

    I haven’t noticed quite as much of a difference using mine but it certainly helps quite a bit. I haven’t used it for a full summer yet though.

    We both have the cheapo Lloyd’s pharmacy version.

  2. emalyse says:

    Thanks for that. Might be worth a try at that price.

  3. Simon says:

    Hello…..My mum works in Lloyds and she brought me the allergy reliever home a few days ago. I’m very sceptical of it, but she said lots of people who have bought it have told her they have had some improvement. I’ve been using it 4 times a day for the last 2 days and so far I don’t feel any improvement at all. I’m going to stick with it a little longer……..i might as well…….

  4. emalyse says:

    Hello Simon- I’m still dithering though my hayfever is quite bad so far this year. I guess I’m a sceptic by nature so let me know how it goes. Like you say it’s worth a try and I give we can sell it on if we find it doesn’t work for us.

  5. Papabob says:

    For £14.00, I decided on impulse, a couple of days ago, to buy one of these gizmo’s for use in my family.

    I don’t have a significant hay fever problem, or any other rhino-condition, neither do my grand children. However Wife, Son, Daughter and Daughter-in-law all suffer from various problems.

    My wife suffers from chronic rhinitis. Son and Daughter suffer hay fever and DIL suffers from some side effects from an as-yet unidentified condition.

    Whilst the pharmacy does not recommend multiple patient use, since we all get each others’ diseases (and disinfectant is not in short supply) I decided to buy one, for the family to try.

    The results, in 2 days, are remarkable!

    My wife reports almost complete relief from nasal pain.

    Son and Daughter are fighting each other for the machine, before work and after…….. their symptoms are already receding!

    DIL seems to be free of her chronic headaches. However she uses the machine some 5-6 times a day.

    The results could be put down to panacea. However, we had not even heard of the device until I saw it in the pharmacy. When I brought it home, the family laughed! They laughed even louder on seeing the first patient’s face light up like a Belisha Beacon!

    Whatever the reasons, it appears to be effective.

    Whilst it is touted as an “on the move” treatment, I would not recommend walking down the road with a bright red, glowing nose!

  6. emalyse says:

    Well I’ve finally jumped in & got the £14.99 unit & just had my 1st treatment. A timer beeps & turns itself off after the 3 minutes treatment is complete.Get yourself a 9v battery if you get one of these (I had to just borrow the only one in the house from the smoke alarm).I’ll be writing up the results over the next few weeks.

    1. Dominic J says:

      …Replace your smoke alarm battery!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mike Bolwell says:

    I have had every symptom that hayfever can throw at me for the past 20 years. I get chronic astma, bulging itchy eyes and sneezing so bad that I end up with a headache each day and a sore back from coughing so much. To date the only thing that has made any difference has been the kenalog injection. This however has been deemed to risky as there are serious side effects and has now been dropped by my my doctor. 2 days ago I was in my local Lloyds pharmacy and noticed the Alergy reliever. As I was in the realms of dieing I decided to give it a try.
    So far I have not had any hayfever symptoms at all, I even cut the grass today with no ill effect. My son also suffers greatly with hayfever, He has also tryed the Alergy reliever and has noticed a great improvement. Fingers crossed it will prove a winner and help me enjoy the summer rather than be stuck indoors with a tissue up my nose.

  8. james says:

    purchased the loyds one yesterday. i have now used it three times. my friend also did. i said to him to write down how he felt and i did so to so that we could not make up how we felt after using it. both wrote down that we could breathe easier and we have also noted that weirdly our noses dont look so bloated. i think it has calmed down any inflamation. i purchased it and for an extra fiver you got a room ioniser. should have been 60 pounds for both. worth a try

  9. Indy says:

    I first read about the medinose allergy device about 1 1/2 years ago but was not convinced about spending £80 for something that may not work. I spotted this on sale recently and have been using it only twice a day and I have noticed significant changes in my hayfever. I work abroad and have suffered serious bouts of hayfever attacks. This device has removed around 90% of my problems but I can not speak highly enough of this device. I advice all collegues and friends to buy one! Its has given me my summer back!!!

  10. Mark says:

    Yep – works for both me and my wife, me for heyfever and my wife gets rhinitus, you have to keep using it though, stop for a few days and the symptoms return…..
    But for £14 – you got to try it….it is less than two weeks cost of anti-hystamine. They do say that it only helps 70 yo 80% of users, so some people will be disappointed.

  11. Sheldon Barras says:

    WOW. It works!
    I have saved the price of this wonderful device on tissues alone, never mind all the pills and sprays i have had to live with every summer. I’m sure the drug companies will not like this device being so cheaply available on the market. Now why on earth don’t our Doctors prescribe this treatment on the NHS and save us all some tax money?
    I hope someone of influence reads this and makes it happen.
    Well done Lloyds Pharmacy!!

  12. Duncan says:

    Fantastic device! I used to get hayfever so bad from grass I’ve taken three week holidays abroad for the last three years…

    I’ve been using it a couple of weeks, and tried giving up the drugs to see how good it actually was. I’ve had one piritan tablet in the last week, and sneezed about three times. Usually this time of year I’d be on maz dose and walking round with my eyes shut they were so bunged up! I’m even considering going to Glastonbury again next year – four days in a grass field anyone? I was sceptical, but it works. I use it just before leaving in the morning and when I get home. Once this week I had to take a tablet half way through the day, but no doubt wouldn’t have needed it if I could have used the device.

    Other benefit is it seems to work much quicker than tablets.

  13. Bianca says:

    doesn’t work. do more research and you’ll find out.

    1. M. A. Freeman says:

      Can only say that it worked for me and I did not expect it too. A shame that so many won’t try it when it could relieve their symptoms. I suffered with Allergic Rhinitis for years and tried many different steroid sprays. Don’t scoff till you’ve tried it please!

  14. Wendy says:

    I am just trying it out at the moment, as I have asthma and I am allergic to house dust, cats and dogs. I was just wondering if anyone else gets a slight pain in their throat whilst using it.? This is kind of putting me off using the device. If this is normal and part of the treatment i will continue as t seems worth it.

  15. emalyse says:

    Hello Wendy- like you I’m also asthmatic and sensitive to house dust etc. I haven’t had immediate relief from this device though I’m currently in week three and it’s definitely helping dampen the worst symptoms.It certainly makes my nose and eyes run during and after use and I get quite a pulsatile sensation around my sinuses though not a pain in the throat as you describe.

    1. M. A. Freeman says:

      See above remarks by me. I had no side effects and did not use it as often as recommended. Sterimar nasal spray with copper is well worth trying, if sinuses are inflamed or infected, really helped when I had an infection in them.

  16. Bianca,
    Have you tried this device yet?
    Sounds like you have not.
    All the people that i have recommended the product to, have said they were shocked how well it worked and how quickly they felt themselves again. Anyone who suffers from hayfever etc and has to live with it will surely want to try a drug free alternative and cut our dependence on the pharmacuticle industries that control our lives.

    The only real research you can do is to try it out for yourself.

  17. mark jackson says:

    I suffer from hay fever and found this device to be next to useless, however if you are a mild sufferer it may work for you.
    When you are having a full blown attack and your nose is itching and running there is nothing worse than having two probes stuck in your nostrils and causing more irritation!!!Whats more the blue indicator light on mine flashes even though the batteries are new and I no longer have the instructions.

  18. bright red nose says:

    totally agree with Mark Thompson. having an attack and shoving 2 probes up your nose is just causing more irrtation.

    Something I did notice on the instruction is the LACK of information on how far you can insert these probes up your nose. Interting the tips them into the tip of my nose ( straight up)seems to give me some relief. Inserting them into the nasal cavity (90 degrees to my face) as far as they allow does not seem to have much effect and makes symptoms worse. I tried it before a sneezing episode and it just caused irritation and made me sneeze even more.

    I and now starting to think I have been conned into buying one of the red light therapy gizmos.

  19. Stuart says:

    I bought one of these (£15) after a bit of research:

    I was diagnosed a while ago with allergic rhinitus and have no polyps. Currently on Flixonase which does help alot, but costs me around £8 a month in prescriptions.

    I’ve switched to the RL treatment and stopped the Flixonase – after a few days I can report that my rhinitus is till in check and if anything I am a bit clearer. I intend to replace the drugs with the red light therapy but need a few more days to check it’s effectiveness – so far so good.

    I also have mild asthma – not sure if it will help this but fingers crossed.

    By the way the instructions advise not tuse the device if you have nasal polyposis (polyps).

  20. sylvia says:

    i bought the allergy reliever from lloyds as i have hayfever and asthma but i also have polyps too discovering i could not use this because of polyps i would like to find out why i was so looking forward to trying this when i heard about it then i was a bit deflated to find out i could not use it could i find out more about this

  21. emalyse says:

    Hello Slyvia- the Lloyds Pharmacy allergy device does expressly say on the box ‘Not suitable for persons with Nasal Polyposis, sensitive skin in the nose or poor circulation’ ,as well as ruling out those with a pacemaker.I’m sure if you take the item back to Lloyds they would accept a return & refund provided you have the packaging & receipt. If not then I expect you could recoup via eBay or similar.I’m surprised the staff didn’t double check this with you before purchase. Kind regards.

  22. john says:

    I used the reliever for about a month and have been a sufferer of hayfever for over 30 years. In the past the kenalog injection was the only answer and i have had three of them in one year. Know the doc says i can not have it so i tried the reliever and it did work. But i know have a constant dry mouth although i have not used it for at least a month. I am told that this machine could have made my mucus membrane dryer which in turn is making my mouth dry, has anyone else had this problem

  23. emalyse says:

    Hi John – I can’t say I’ve experienced the drying effect you describe. Hopefully a few others may comment on their own experiences.

  24. Helen says:

    Just want to add my twopenneth worth – I’ve had perennial rhinitis for the past 20 years or so. The main problem for me is that it causes me to wake up at night with a blocked nose. Over the past month it’s been particularly bad and I’ve been sleeping poorly for weeks now. I started using this device two days ago, and have slept well two nights in a row now. I was really cynical before buying it as it’s sounds like one of those completely off-the-wall ideas, but was desperate to get a good night’s sleep so bought it anyway. I’m now so thrilled that I want the whole world to know about it! Definitely worth the £15.

  25. Paula says:

    Been using the Lloyds device 3 days now and My nose feels uncomfortable inside and I feel as if my head at the bridge of my nose aches like a sinusy headache – so much so that I’m scared to use it anymore. Prior to this I was using Flixonase and my nose is always becoming blocked and tickly all the time – anyone else had similar problems.

  26. Fortynineplus says:

    Bought the Lloyds allergy reliever at the end of June. I have been suffering from hayfever for the last 20 years. Used to use Flixonase, but found that I would loose my sense of smell even after the hayfever season is over. Been wanting to buy “medinose”, but at £80 it was too expensive to experiment.
    Found the Lloyds reliever effective. At first , I would sneeze quite a bit when it was put into my nose. But after a couple a days, the sneezing stopped and at the same time my nose dried out and I could breathe through my nose instead of my mouth. I continued to use it until late Aug and did not suffer anymore blocked nose or itchy throat. What a relief!
    I would highly recommend this £14 gadget.

  27. Mark Young says:

    As a perrenial rhinitis and asthma sufferer I bought this in May, unfortunately I was on holiday in May and the device was left in my suitcase!!! I am going away again next week so discovered it in the suitcase so I will give it a go and see how I get on.
    PS. I have been having a lot of relief from Breathe Right nasal strips in bed!!

  28. diana says:

    Does anyone know if I can get this reliever in sydney, australia?

    1. Em² says:

      Hello Diana – have you tried searching for Medinose as that brand may be more readily available in Australia. An initial search via Google Australia doesn’t reveal much. If you want to source this affordable model from the UK then let me know.

  29. LV says:

    I have pretty horrendous hayfever for March and April and most of February every year – the only relief is prescription 1st-generaton antihistamines (the older drowsy variety) and nasal sprays. OTC 2nd-generation antihistamines do next to nothing for me.
    Unsurprisingly therefore I was keen to try any drug-free alternatives and thought the light therapy was at least worth a go. So, I splurged forty quid on a Medinose (on special at Amazon). Yes, I was somewhat sceptical – I had read the pubmed study (someone linked to it above) so I was fairly satisfied that it could help in some cases, but I thought the most likely scenario was that it reduced symptoms by a proportion – so if your hayfever wasn’t that bad to start with you would get complete relief, but if it was more severe, it would just make it less bad.
    Well, for the first few days it didn’t seem to do anything besides make my nose run when I used it (oh, and give my partner a good laugh 3 times a day). However, after about 10 days I did notice a definite improvement – my nose was significantly clearer and while I did still have itchy eyes and stuffy head, both were less bad than before. I wasn’t comletely convinced it was down to the device though until I forgot to use it one morning before leaving the house, and symptoms returned with a vengeance the rest of the day. Admittedly my hayfever doesn’t usually peak till slightly later in the year so it’s possible the device won’t cope so well then, but so far I am impressed.
    I would say the things to bear in mind are that you need to give it a good few days to start making an effect, and you need to use it very consistently – if you miss one session, it seems to have a knock-on effect for the rest of the day. Also, keep an eye on the batteries. The only times I have needed medication are the day I forgot the treatment, and the day the battery light started flashing. I didn’t have another 9-volt battery in the house so for that day possibly had underpowered treatments. Actually, batteries would be my main quibble with the thing – they definitely don’t last anywhere near the 100 treatments the manufacturers claim. If you find it works for you, invest in a rechargable. A small price to pay if it works!

  30. Alex says:

    Hey guys ive just used the Lloyds unit for the first time and immediately it became easy to breath through the nose, although i really am still sceptical i thought id give it a crash course by venturing into my flower-painted garden n stay there for half an hour, my nose was dry for the most part n my eyes didnt itch or water, but i still had that annoying itch in the back of the throat that you have to clear by kind of coughing.

    Maybe it might take a few weeks of this constant 3 times a day use for it to have an impact on my throat but im fairly impressed so far, yet sceptical.


  31. Emma says:

    How long does it take to see a benefit. I’ve just bought one! Is it supposed to be instant relief?

    1. Steven LDN says:

      I have particularly bad hayfever and ashtma, i have had these for years I found this treatment works well for me, however for me this didnt start to work until after two weeks of continuous use, I recommend using the device once when you get up in the morning, once at lunch, once at dinner and once more before you go to bed. Before giving up I would try this for 3 weeks, of continues use. My nose is less itchy, however I did still wake up with itchy throats and get little bit of itchyness in my eyes but no where as bad as before I used this treatment.

      also If I may add taking an £30 allegy test, from a shop called the herbal shop it was great value, I found out i was allergic to wheat and dairy, now if I cut these products out, my symptoms of my ashtma which normally get very bad during hay fever season go are like only 10% as bad as what they were.

      1. LV says:

        I posted last year about this device but am posting again just to agree with the commenter above. The phototherapy is still by far the most effective hayfever treatment I have ever used, considerably better than antihistamines or steroids. HOWEVER, like the person above I too embarked on a gluten free diet a few months ago and this year have had no hayfever whatsoever. It can’t be a placebo effect because for one thing I didn’t set out to go gluten free at first, it just happened as a side consequence of following a low carb diet, and for another I had no idea that pollen allergy could be caused by something you ate. And if I had heard of it, I wouldn’t have believed it! Since then I have looked online and found others saying the same thing. I’d really urge anyone bothered by allergies to try giving up gluten to see if it makes a difference. You do need to be quite strict though, this whole season I have only had a couple if days’ sneezing and that was after I inadvertently ate something with a tiny amount of wheat flour in it.

        But if you can’t face the prospect of trying gluten free, I would still heartily recommend phototherapy as the next best option!

  32. Emma says:

    Sorry, just read the post above which kinda answers my Q!!

  33. Hayley says:

    Hi – I’m really suffering with hayfever this year but can not take any tablets as we are trying for a baby. Does anyone know if this machine is safe to use whilst trying to get pregnant or trying??

    1. Em² says:

      Hi Hayley-the enclosed manual only excludes use with a pacemaker or other implanted medical device, person with nasal polyposis or sensitive skin in the nose or poor circulation.

  34. Jo says:

    Have read above posts with great interest. My daughter has just started getting what seems to be hayfever at age 14 and my mother in law suggested this gadget. I just wondered if it weighed much because if not I might ask her to post me one (we’re in very rural Italy). If they’re on sale here they’ll be 5 times the price and the Lloyds one sounds fantastic value. Thanks in advance, Jo.

    1. Em² says:

      Hello Jo – The lloyds unit in its box weighs only around 130 grams so should be able to be shipped to you quite cheaply. The required battery (a 9V PP3) is not included which helps keep the weight down.

  35. rob says:

    what a great blog, very helpful. thanx

  36. Todd says:

    I just bought one on the recommendation of a friend who suffers from hay fever. When I moved to the UK I found that my allergy symptoms became much worse during the Spring and Summer, and none of the conventional medication (Claritin, Zyrtec, etc.) worked. I also didn’t care for the side-effects. I just bought a Lloyd’s device and started using it. I’m only using it once a day to start. I haven’t noticed anything really different, and my first time using it actually induced a sneezing fit. My wife tried it out of curiosity and she took it out right away, saying that it made her feel spacey. Last night I had a very severe attack after using the device about 30 minutes prior. I finally had to take an allergy pill which helped to calm things down. The next day (today) I used the device and then felt light-headed. I actually slept for the entire afternoon after a good-night’s sleep. I am quite fit, exercising 6-7 days a week, but nothing out of the usual with my workouts recently. So in short I am not sure why I was so tired (the device? just tired from recent violent allergy fits?). I’m hesitant to increase daily use of the device (beyond once a day) but will persist for a while to see what happens.

  37. Sheldon Barras says:

    Dear All,

    We are well into the itchy, runny sneezy season and i have just started to use this wonderful device again. (Season 2 for me) I have not had to take any of the hay fever drugs that I was so dependent on for most of my life. I feel set free.
    Now this device works best once you have used it for a few weeks on a morning and an evening. To quote from above (The second red light wavelength suppresses the cells that release histamine therefore reducing inflammation and the irritation symptoms of allergic rhinitis) Once your body stops releasing histamine as much you feel better all round.
    I was chatting to a friend that i had recommended this device to and her hayfever was so bad that she would have to stay inside most sunny days pumped full of all the usual drugs we have been used to. I noticed that she was full of beans on this particularly tree pollen filled day, it was as if she had forgotten she was a hayfever sufferer. This device has set her free.
    The chap above that said his unit was flashing with new batteries and didn’t work sounds like faulty batteries of a faulty unit. Mine only flashes when i have had to change the batteries. (Twice in 18 months i use Duracell).
    I never write anything in any forums but hayfever has had such a detrimental effect on my whole life that when a good friend of mine recommended this device to me and i used it with obvious scepticism and it actually started to work and i felt like it had (dare i say it) CURED me. OK maybe that’s a step too far as i feel a bit itchiy around my eyes today but i am not sneezing repeatedly and i do not carry a box of tissues around any more.
    All i can say is try the thing out and give it a fair chance. 2 mins on a morning and a night. Remember it is not one of those nasty drugs that we have been programmed to take to suppress the symptoms. It works at the root of the problem.
    Less sensitive nose = less histamine produced = less sneezing and crying = happy days.

    1. kay says:

      Thats strange i have read alot about this allergy reliever and many people have said they only use theirs for 3 mins 3 times a day… but when i bought mine my pharmacist recommended i use it for 15 minutes 3 times a day??

  38. Womble says:

    I just bought one of the Lloyds devices today, on the recommendation of a friend. My nose was completely blocked and I was having to breathe through my mouth. Within seconds of inserting the probes, before I even switched it on, I had a sneezing fit. However, I tried again a few minutes later and my nose started running almost straight away. After about 30 seconds, my eyes started streaming to the point where the tears were dripping off my chin. However, there was no discomfort or light-headedness that I see others have reported. It definitely cleared my nose, although it was blocked again a few hours later.

    The manual states that the device can be used for three minutes every five or six hours, so I plan to do give it another go just before I leave work. The pharmacist told me that it usually takes about three days of use before you really get the benefit of it.

    I, too, used to have Kenalog, which has since been denied me. That was the only thing that ever worked. I’m currently on 180mg Fexofenadine, three times a day – and it’s costing me a fortune, even with a prescription. I’m hoping that my new ‘thingy’ will help.

  39. conor says:

    wot a load of rubbish ..didnt help not even in the me DONT GO OUT AND WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS STUPID GADGET!! TRUST ME

  40. Pip says:

    I find it difficult to trust people who SHOUT in a forum. Even more difficult when their grasp of English is so rudimentary. In fact, I am off to my local Lloyds to pick one up now. Having analysed clinical trial results for many years, I know that no treatment works in all patients, but on the balance of the above comments, I am prepared to spend £14.99 in seeing if this will help relieve the dreaded, debilitating symptoms which I have experienced over the last 40+ years.

  41. moosekillers says:

    5 days now without an attack or so much as a snuffle i always drive around the country side and am usually in bits after a rape seed field, i zap my nose at bedtime, in the morning and once in the afternoon and so far in a high pollen count week, ive been allergie free, im impress so far, ive tryed Benadril, Zirtek, Piriton and cheap unbranded tablets/syrups with out much effect

  42. Beth says:

    Absolutely amazing! I purchased one yesterday and since using it have had no symptoms at all. I suffer terribly from all symptoms of hayfever and to make it worse I am pregnant so can’t take anything. This is the perfect solution. Go out and buy one today. You won’t regret it. It’s the best £14.00 I have spent.

  43. Leebert says:

    I bought one of the Lloyds ones the other day. I have a dust and pollen allergy. A few years ago I was that bad the doctors thought I had ME. I was on Clarytin years ago with a nasal spray and eye drops. two or three years ago they stopped working for me so I went onto Fexofenadine 120 and 180 on bad days. These havn’t been doing much for me this year so I thought I would try one of these. Its great…!!!! I am still taking the 120 pills and doing as directed 3 mins (3 sessions) 3 times a day. I have sneezed only when spraying aftershave or deodorant. Hope this keeps working unlike the tablets….

  44. Simon says:

    I was taking 3 X 10mg cetirizine every day along with eye drops, nasal spray & an inhaler. I get hayfever really bad in the summer from about March to August. I bought the Lloyds Pharmacy gizmo about a week ago. It didn’t have much effect at first, but now I can definitely see & feel an improvement. My nose used to run 24/7, but since using the device that has almost stopped. The nasal itching is still there a little & it has not helped my eyes which are very sore. However, I still think it’s well worth the money for the releif it has given me! I still need the cetirizine, but feel much better than I did before I tried this gadget.

  45. Crazy Fool says:

    I must be the baby of being a hay fever sufferer as i have only suffered for the last three years,but them three years have been hell for me when the pollens high(sneezing,itchy eyes, blocked and runny nose,it spoils my summer.)
    I have tried every medication prescribed from my doctor,but nothing works, so i have just purchased the allergy reliever from lloyds pharmacy and i can not praise this little miracle enough.I have been using it now for three days and i can finally go outside.
    I do understand its not going to work for everyone, but if you have not tried it and still suffer after taking medication the 15 pound is well worth paying.

  46. Alan says:

    Seem s more happy customers than unhappy. My wife bought me one of these little gadgets 4 days ago. I’m seriously impressed…..seriously!

    I havn’t bothered with my usual Piriton or Zirtec, and have just gone about my business without being plagued by hayfever.

    I think this little box of tricks is great, and maybe it might not work for everyone, but it’s worked for me.

    For the first time in years, I can breathe through my nose in bed, and oh boy what a wonderful feeling, to go to sleep and not wake every couple of hours with a dry mouth.

    I would recommend this to anyone. Even if it doesn’t work for you, it’s well worth the cost of two scripts to find out!

  47. Team Member No. 8 says:

    I am very scientifically aware and as such skeptical of altenative medicines. I doubted this method of light therapy to relieve my hayfever but gave the lloyds pharmacy product a try after a couple recomendations from friends.

    Within the first 2 treatments of the first day I felt the benefits with a clearer nose and easier breathing. I still can’t believe how drastic the effects are with such an easy treatment.

    Good purchase, good results.

  48. Michael says:


    I strongly recommend any Hayfever sufferers to try this. I have had hayfever for about 26 years and contrary to the stupid advice given by the medical profession it doesn’t get better as you get older – mine has got a whole lot worse.

    However I have been using this red light therapy machine from LLoyds for five days now (the Pollen count is sky high) and I have sneezed about 5 times in five days. Its absolutely brilliant. Before I took conventional one a day tablets and if the pollen count was high I would be sneezing violently at times during the day.

    Please ignore the posts that tell you this is a rubbish device and give it a go. It may not work but if it does like it has for me you will be glad you did.

    And finally as far as placebo effects go – I dont belive in the existence of God / The Devil / The Supernatural / Spirituality / New Age Therapy or any other bollocks so it is certainly not my mind at play here I am too rational a person.

    And remember – drug companies and anyone remotely connected with the same have a vested interest in convincing you it wont work. Me! I am looking forwarding to saving £200 + year on stupid tablets and sprays

  49. Simon says:

    Bought this some time ago and went to start using it today – but realized it was missing instructions.
    Can anyone post up some simple info – e.g. how far up your nose do you put the prongs, do you leave them in once, or do you have to turn them around, how many times a day should it be used – minimum and maximum… that should do it.

    Thanks for any help anyone can give.

    1. Mike says:

      Hi Simon

      Put the probes into your nose- as far up as is comfortable for you. You may have to lie down though as they fall out if you are standing up :-)))

      Leave them in until they switch off automatically ( 3 mins)

      No need to move them once in your nose

      You can use them every 5 hours if you need to – I can get by with once in the morning and once in bed at night. Once a day when the pollen is not coming out to play

      Good luck


    2. Stacey says:

      Instructions for use.

      1 insert the 2 nasal probes into the nose as far as is comfortably possible.

      2 press the on/ off button once to turn unit on. The 2 wave lengths are activated.

      3 One treatment lasts for approx 3 mins. The unit will automatically turn off after treatment . Press on/ offf switch if need to turn off during treatment.

      Can be used 3/4 times a day allowing 5/6 hrs between treatment.
      NOTE If you feel any pain or discomfort during treatment, turn the unit off and stop using. Consult your lloyds pharmacist for advice.

      Hope this helps . Have you found any benefits yet. I’m sure i’m finding it easier and my nose feels clearer . The pharmasist told me it works better the longer you use it and after about 2 weeks it should be better still. Fingers crossed .

      Take care


  50. Loss os smell? says:

    me and a friend both bought these from lloyds, and used them for a couple of weeks and now both our hay fever has completely gone 🙂

    But so has our sense of smell 😦

    I haven’t used the device for about a week, but still no smell.

    Has anyone else experience this? If so, do you know how long this sympom lasts for? It’s really unpleasant eating now.

  51. rosemary says:

    The pharmacy companies must be feeling bad – they will try to wipe it out. -cos this is so simple and so fabulous. I was on serious steriods, I was sneezing for years and so violently that I pull muscles in my side. I even lost the hearing in my one ear from constant infections in my ears, sinuses etc. Why did I not find this little gizmo sooner. It is fabulous. I have now used it for 5 weeks – took it on holiday in the states – was around when grass was cut, and all sorts of pollens no problem. I dont snore anymore and I can breath at night.

  52. LV says:

    I posted a few months back about this device. To update, I usually suffer BADLY feb-april with tree pollen and then less severely may-june with grass pollen. I have used the medinose device throughout the season and it has been a godsend. I used to have to use prescription antihistamines and steroid sprays daily and even then would feel pretty crap for several weeks at the height of the season. Since using this thing however I haven’t taken a single antihistamine pill. I did need the steroid spray for a couple of weeks when it was at its worst because I still had some irritation right at the back of my nose and throat where presumably the light can’t fully reach, but that is all. Also I felt a lot better, almost normal in fact – less heavy hayfever head, sleeping better. The only thing it didn’t really help with is itchy eyes, which were still a problem though better than before.
    Basically I can’t recommend it highly enough. I would really urge anyone weighing it up to give it a try, after all it sounds like the Lloyds version is only the price of a couple of prescriptions anyway.

  53. jack brown says:

    Hehe this is funny. So red lights helps against allergies, while according to this article blue light is the most effective light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder. All we need now is some ailment that can be treated with green light so everybody can start buying regular white lights that contain all colors and claim them on their health insurance policies since they seem to cure pretty much everything 🙂

  54. Julian says:

    Hello to you all.
    I am interested to know if anyone has suffered any side effects from using the device. Specifically, redness of the nose and surrounding cheeks below the eyes? For the quick witted ones, I am talking about redness when not using the device!!
    I used the device for roughly two months during the summer and my symptoms of hay fever all but disappeared. I would class myself as a mild sufferer and the device certainly helped. However, I have noticed that my nose is now permanently red along with the surrounding cheeks and below my eyes towards my nose. I thought this may be a temporary redness but it has now been about two to three months since I stopped using the device but the redness is still there. My nose also looked swollen for a while but this seems to have subsided.
    I now look like a heavy drinker although I do not drink. It may be a coincidence and there is something else causing it, which is why I am interested to know if anyone else has noticed anything similar. I am going to email Lloyds Pharmacy but I am expecting them to deny the device has caused it but we will see. The information leaflet certainly does not indicate that redness will happen – certainly not for a prolonged period anyway.
    Your comments would be appreciated.

    1. Em² says:

      Hi Julian
      I’ve not heard of any such side effects but like any medicine or device side effects could affect a minority of users I’m sure. Obviously the red light wavelength treatment is supposed to act the blood vessels in an attempt to desensitise allergy reactions and similar external red light devices are used for treating skin conditions and acne. The only stated warnings for the Llodys device (& similar offerings) are for users with polyps to refrain from using the device. External red light therapy (used treating skin conditions) is know to trigger photo-allergic reactions in some people especially those on medication such as Tetracycline.

  55. Julian says:

    you have sent me an email to confirm my subscription but the link does not work for me to confirm my email address is correct.

  56. garry says:

    I had suffered with sore sinuses that became scaly & blotchy, and, highly embarassing for 12 years. I had used endless creams to hydrate & colour the problem areas of skin. My skin continued to come off in flakes.
    Then, I happened to be surfing the net in early January 2010 when I came across reports of red light nose treatment, I originally thought well heres another claim to elliminate all my problems, you tend to stop believing treatment was likely.
    But I thought well I’ve tried most things why not give this a go and wow hey it works !!.
    It really does work,I bought the £14.99 version from LLoyds pharmacy in January 2010. Improvements started to appear after 1 week, now after 3 weeks its almost completely gone.
    I use it 3 times a day – 6.00am, 2.00pm & 10.00pm.


  57. Anna says:

    I can’t find any scientific information about this device on the web other than ‘it suppresses histamine-making cells’. Which sounds about as convincing as a L’Oreal pseudo-science advert. But I’m pregnant and not allowed any pills, so I’ll give any old quackery (apart from homeopathy) a go. And, god knows how, it works. Even with rapeseed (my pet hate most evil pollen). Nasal mini light sabres. Who would have thought it?!

    1. John says:

      Hi! I live in the states and can’t get the light. I would appreciate help on getting this item. Please contact me.

  58. Laura says:

    I’ve been using this since last year & would highly recommend it, so far this year I’ve not had to use it yet & I suffer alot from hayfever. I only use it twice a day & that seems to work for me. Laura

  59. CAROLE KAPLAN says:

    I am in the USA and heard about the treatment on the evening news. They said it would not be available here for about a year. I have suffered from allergies for about tweny years now and am sick of it. I have been getting shots and I take tablets but they help very little. I cannot leave the house without tissues stuck in my pockets and I hold one in my hand. I ususlly do not make it from my front door to my car without having to blow by nose once or twice. I don’t want to wait a year to try this. How can I order one now?

  60. Em² says:

    Hi Carole. There is an equivalent device sold in the USA and made by Bionase (search for it on though it is more expensive than the Lloyds unit discussed here.

  61. Lorna Hamilton says:

    I was extremely sceptical but as a scientist I did some reading on how the red light therapy works and was satisfied enough to give it a go.

    Frankly, I’ve been totally amazed. I have tried all sorts of tablets and none have done more than touch my symptoms. Using this little gadget I have, so far, has no itchy eyes, no waking up with a nose bleed, in fact I haven’t even sneezed (except first time I used the device and it triggered a sneeze). It has now been tested in situations where not only could I smell the pollen but I could physically see it in the air. It has also been tested in serious sunshine and the following thunderstorm (often when hayfever symptoms are worst).

    There is a chance that those who are not getting relief from it are not using it properly, the nasal passages are narrow but you can get the rods all the way in if you just slowly insert the rods (unsqueeze them a little) and let them find the path of least resistance rather than just trying to shove the rods straight up.

  62. michelle says:

    I have suffered hayfever for nearly 20 years… sleepless nights, and not able to enjoy the summer weather for fear of venturing out doors.

    After seeing this product.. I thought it was worth a go… anything than suffer terrible symptoms I have year in, year out!!!

    Started to use in late April, several times a day.. and so far no itchy eyes at all, no blocked nose / head, a very slight tickle in my nose (but nothing that bothers me) and the occasional sneeze)

    Now in early June my symptoms would be dreadful… but nothing.. I am even driving round with my window down in the car!!

    Definately worth a try for 14.99 – and a definate money saver!
    I don’t leave the house with out it!!

  63. Jon Bennett-Snewin says:

    Works for me and used it for two years now. Used to get Hayfever bad, but flixonase plus device gives 100% relief. No itchy eyes (I wear GP lenses) no itchy throat all symptoms used to be much worse if I drank a few beers, now I can drink and suffer no allergic symptoms whatsoever.

  64. Mark says:

    I started using the Lloyds version last summer and noticed a difference after about 3 weeks. I didn’t take any anti-histamines for the whole season. This year the pollen counts have, I believe, been higher and I’m still fine using it morning and evening.

  65. Sarah says:

    Does anyone see any reason for why I shouldn’t use this whilst breastfeeding? Can’t think of any reason myself……

    1. Em² says:

      Hi Sarah-The only medical warnings issued in the original Lloyds manual are: Not suitable for use with a pacemaker or other implanted devices and not suitable for those with Nasal Polyposis, sensitive skin in the nose or poor circulation.

  66. Peter says:

    I bought this two years ago. It worked great for the first two summers but this year it is useless.

    1. Marc says:

      I noticed this too. Mine was great for the last 2 years but this year has been rubbish. I was wondering if the lights loose effectiveness over time and aren’t good enough to have an effect?

      1. Em² says:

        Who knows? If enough people report the device failing to work after two hayfever seasons then either the body is becoming resistant to the desensitizing effects or the LED probes have a limited life. Interesting to note that the newly designed replacement model that Lloyds have on offer for £10 at the moment is able to accept replacement probes though maybe that’s just for the purposes of two people sharing one device.

  67. Karie says:

    I have one of the older models of this, and I find it does help. I can feel the effects taking place quite quickly, actually. I use it 2, sometimes 3 times a day.

    As a scientist, I too felt skeptical about it, but thought it was cheap enough to give it a go. I’m so happy that I did. I still do need antihistamines, but I don’t feel that panic-scratch-your-eyes-out feeling I used to.

    Maybe it’s psychosomatic, which wouldn’t really be surprised at, but I definitely do feel that it works!!!

  68. Brian Routledge says:

    My 37 yr old son takes Tegretol for the control of Epilepsy which was diagnosed when he was 14yrs old. He has not had an Epileptic attack for 15yrs. He is not sensitive to flashing or strobe lighting. He suffers from hayfever for which he takes antihistemine which is not always effective. Would he be safe to give this device a try in view of his history?

    1. Em² says:

      Hi- It’s always best to consult your doctor on an possible contra-indications as Tegretol can increase photosensitivity I believe. I’m sure a medically qualified person would be better placed to answer that question. Would be interesting to hear from anybody in the same situation and on the same meds in order to gauge their own direct experience obviously.

  69. allergies r us says:

    Anyone as skeptical as me might want to refer to this research:

  70. Julie says:

    I bought one of these for £10 today in Lloyds and was looking forward to trying it. BUT – I’m of reasonable intelligence and I’m certainly not a technophobe, but I can’t get the dratted battery cover off to insert the batteries! The instructions just show an illustration of where the cover is on the device, and there’s a small lever which can be depressed, but the cover won’t budge! Any help would be much appreciated!

    1. Em² says:

      I am told it’s a little fiddly. Trick is (a friend of mine says) to leverage the edge of the cover behind the cable wrap then pull or lever apart. Easier said than done I’m sure. Amazing how adult proof so many products are isn’t it?

      1. Julie says:

        Thanks for the advice. After lots of tries I still couldn’t open it and eventually took it round to my daughter, who also had problems but has now succeeded. I think one of the problems was that it wasn’t obvious exactly what bit was the cover. However, once off it then became easy to put back and take off again. Anyway, have used it a couple of times so far, no obvious amazing results yet but am going to give it time….

        1. Em² says:

          Good stuff.It’s a fiddly open the new model but at least it’s just AAA batteries (the previous model takes a large 9v). I have to say I didn’t get instant results. Took a few weeks for me.Obviously the device won’t work for everybody but it’s certainly worth a try for the price.

  71. Pink Panther says:

    me too. stopped working the second summer.

    now going to try medinose instead, as this summer is really bad.

  72. Pink Panther says:

    Em² :Who knows? If enough people report the device failing to work after two hayfever seasons then either the body is becoming resistant to the desensitizing effects or the LED probes have a limited life. Interesting to note that the newly designed replacement model that Lloyds have on offer for £10 at the moment is able to accept replacement probes though maybe that’s just for the purposes of two people sharing one device.

    Has anyone asked Lloyds? I had the same thing after 1 summer.

  73. Baz Davies says:

    I’ve been using mine for just over a week and am completely symptom-free. I’m also happy to report that for the first time in about 30 years, I’ve not had to use anti-histamines!! Result 🙂 Very happy with the device and it ws only £9.99 on offer at Lloydspharmacy, so a real bargain too.

  74. i suffer from allergic rhinitis, i have a severe dust allergy, nose blocks up and causes dizziness, headaches, fatigue. Tried every pill and nasal spray going. The first time i used the machine it cleared my headache and i got relief for the first few days, i couldnt believe how good it was, today though its not worked as well but that could be because it is very humid and stuffy. but i would deffinitly reccomend it to anyone with allergies.

  75. Helen says:

    It seems to have shot up to £40 on the Lloyds Pharmacy website now! Is there anywhere I can get this cheaper? Is it cheaper in store?

    Also, I’m really willing to give it a go, but it’s a shame that the only two people who posted on here who’ve been using it for more than a year or so have said that it stops working after a while. I’m prepared to pay a bit for even a year’s relief, but it would be nice to hear of any positive stories from longer term users out there? Does it make any sense to stop using it altogether outside the pollen season do you think? One of my main reasons for considering this now is because I’m trying to conceive and need to come off my cetirizine, which has been reasonably (but not 100% effective) up to now in combatting my hayfever and perennial rhinititis for the last 17 years!

    1. Em² says:

      Some outlets have been selling the first generation models off for less than £10. You’ll certainly find many of those via eBay.

    2. awade says:

      It’s back down to £19.99 on the website now – advertised as reduced from £39.99. If one were a cynic (and I am) one might say they doubled the price just so they could sell it half price a month later…

      Cynic or not, I’ll be giving it a try – so tired of looking like I’ve been crying all day!!

  76. Ben says:

    I find one on Amazon at £19.99. Here is the link:

    I suffered from season allery for 21 years and I found that red light therapy really helps me reduce 90% of my hayfever symtoms. I used both Lloys Pharmacy Allery Reliever and Bionase. Bionase works better for me but the downside is I have to change my battery very often. Other than that, it works. If you’re interested in buying Bionase, here is the link:

  77. Rebecca says:

    I have suffered so badly from hayfever for the last ten years, that I don’t even know where to start describing how awful the symptoms have been. Tried all the chemists antihistamines, then been to the doctors and had so much medication given to me (inclusive of prednisolone ) and walk around like a numb zombie most summers. Eye drops hardly help and I wake up in the morning with eyes stuck together, nose blocked – under my eyes get sore and swollen from the rubbing and I am so irritable and look AWFUL. I can’t wear make-up and walk around looking awful for months on end. Eyes watering, sneezing, runny nose (or blocked nose) itchy throat and itchy ears – I have hated the summer months for years now. I am self-employed and I know that my business has suffered due to my hayfever symptoms – I honestly felt unable to concentrate like I would during the winter months. The only time I felt okay was in the shower with the water rubbing all the pollen off. or at night in bed (with the windows closed) – with a wet facecloth over my face just to get off to sleep! (my poor husband)! My mother mentioned the Lloyds allergy reliever to me and I did look at it but thought it was just a gimmik. This year, armed with my latest prescription of eye-drops, beconase, prednisolone (for emergencies when I’m really bad) and anitihistamines, I was waiting in the queue at Lloyds and sore the anti-alltergy machines on display again. After having a chat with the assistant, she reported that so many people had reported amazing results that I finally (reluctantly) bought one. I got my prescription filled – but thought I’d give imy Lloyds anti-allergy machine a few days tiral and see if it worked. First couple of days I used it 4 times a day (once when I got up, and once when I went to bed – but brought it to work in my handbag and VERY discreetly took it in my hand to the toilets and would stay in there for the 3minutes or so for the privacy)…and I also took an anti-histamine. The symptoms got less after about 2 days!! After that – stopped the tablets, still use it 4 times a day and once at night if I wake up. And the hayfever – has – stopped. About 3-4 days in the symptoms were getting less and less. I’ve been using it just on 2 weeks now, use it 3 – 4 times a day – and all my symptoms have gone. Make up on, eyes normal (lovely!!), can breath clearly thougth both nostrils, no sneeing, feeling happy and energetic and like a fool for wasting my money on the presription. I am over the moon – my husband asked me last night, “how’s your hayfever” and I was smiling and asking back “hayfever – WHAT HAYFEVER”. All I can say is that this little machine is absolutely awesome. I feell like pinching myself to wake up from a dream, I honestly can’t believe all my symptoms have gone. Fantastic – and economical. roll on summer is all I can say!! I highly recommend using this.

    1. john says:

      i to cannot believe how good red light seems to be, my first insertion of the probes made me sneeze like crazy and my eyes watered uncontrollably but two days on i seem to have created a new nose able to smell breath and feel comfortable for the first time in 30 years, is this too good to be true, only time will tell.

  78. Mary Jones says:

    I know most people use Lloyds machine for hay fever. my problem was blocked up back of nose and ears.I have suffered for about 4 years had grommets fitted – useless /been diagnosed as deaf on certain levels and supplied with two NHS hearing aids and told no more can be done get on with it,even though I constantly said back of nose was main cause of blockage.Friend used machine for hay fever with excellent results so I bought one within two days of using twice a day I can breathe easily/bunged up feeling disappeared/hearing aids not required my only regret is I did not know about machine years ago

  79. jan carelli says:

    Is it bad to use the device for people like me with severe perennial rhinitis who has had surgery and suffers with nose bleeds. Even though I have severe allergies I produce little mucus or sneeze because surgery has affected the normal functioning of my nose. My main sympton is inflammation which drives me insane and hard nasal bones. Allergies have ruined my life actually

    1. Em² says:

      The only counter indication that comes with the device is that it’s not suitable for use by people with nasal polyps. Care should obviously be taken whilst inserting the light probes but presume some relief might be obtained if the probes were just placed minimally in the nostrils to allow the light to penetrate as best as is practicable. Always best to consult your doctor if in doubt. Wishing you all the very best.

  80. liz says:

    Has any one had experience of using this for children ??
    My seven year old boy appears to have hayfever have not as yet tried any pharmacutical remedies but thought this may help ?? we are surrouned by oilseed rape fields 1

  81. voxpopuli says:

    I got my red light therapy device just this morning and have used it twice so far with no apparent effects, but I don’t so much suffer from this spring hay fever, as from the late summer Ragweed allergy that’s really been annoying for the past 5 years or so. Has anybody tried the device for alleviating the ragweed hay fever and how successful was it?

  82. Nick says:

    Take it from me as a lifelong sufferer not just of hay fever but from the all year round effects of anything that isn’t fresh air, this thing works! I too was sceptical at first but I’ve needed no drugs at all for the last 3 years. The change to my life was instant and dramatic.

    I’ve actually got 2 of these now, one for home and one for when I’m on my travels. I’d go as far as to say that this is the best gadget I’ve ever owned.

  83. Holee Fuq says:

    I’m a medical student and summer exams are a miserable experience with my hayfever. Being hugely skeptical of this I decided that taking the plunge and losing 15 quid wasn’t the end of the world, if it didnt work.

    I need a prescription for my allergy medication as nothing usually works for me and my eyes are constantly streaming if I have been outside at all during the day, it also sets off a chain reaction sneezing.

    To put it simply, I am amazed at how effective this is. Reading all these comments here shows that I am not the only one and I’m so glad that we can finally get our lives back from what is meant to be the best time of the year.

  84. Joy Watt says:

    My Wife bought one of these units for hay fever,worked a treat.But the most important thing was it gave her back her sense of smell and taste,which she had lost for about three years!!!! after a virus.All medical treatments failed but this device has worked.Buy it!!!!!!!

  85. Birdette says:

    Bought a tiny version of the light therapy gadget marketed by Boots the Chemist for just under £20. Its supposed to be ineffective for peeps with nasal polyps (as I have) but its actually working amazingly well. I have been able to cut out the sudafed which I was having to take on top of antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays. Its magic and my dogs think my red and glowing nose is most interesting. Not sure if the Postman considered it a fetching look after spotting me though the kitchen window this morning….

  86. My daughter is 7 and suffer from nasal allergies especially in spring when the jasmin is out. She uses an allergy light 3 times a day and does the trick. Better still she no longer falls asleep in class.

  87. RFC1795 says:

    I’ve had one of these for a few years .. tend to forget I suffer with hayfever, but really had a bad day about 2 days ago. Sneezing badly, struggling to breath thru nose .. wife dugg it out, a day and a half later, door open .. clear nose. I lost the instructions of course so couldn’t remember how to use so did a search to find.. yesterday, the device was £19.99 .. today £9.99! Just ordered one for my 14yr old who suffers too. At least the new model has ability to change inserts. My older one doesn’t and has the 9v batt .. I think it’s great!

  88. Love Hunter says:

    Hello, my nose always closed (smother) from dust. dust alergy (or nasal). I`m pregnant. can i use it during pregnancy? can you send it to Asia?

  89. Steve Morris says:

    For £15 it must be worth a try! Seems unlikely though. I cured myself of hayfever and dust allergy by eliminating sugar and refined carbs from my diet. No more white bread, white pasta or white rice. Just replace with wholewheat versions.

  90. Giselle says:

    Bought this on recommendation of a friend. Very sceptical but gave it a tried. No other word for it than MIRACULOUS! I use 3 times a day – once in the morning when I wake up (bedside table) – once at work with discretion (no one sees) and once at night before I go to bed. No allergies – no hayfever – no medications. The person who invented this should be made a SAINT.!! Thank you so much – my life has changed. I can highly recommend this. The only drawback is that I feel so well and forget I have allergies and forget to use it …..! Need to set a reminder on my smart phone but other than that – 100% highly recommend.

  91. Boopy G says:

    My 2 sons have terrible allergies (hayfever, dust mites etc) and have just purchased the Boots Electronic allergy reliever. Has anyone else used this?

  92. ccharlotte80 says:

    Has anyone used this successfully for pet allergies? I started to become allergic to my cats after I’d had them for four years, and it’s been getting worse over the past few years. I would be absolutely heartbroken if I had to find them a new home, but I now need to use an inhaler and anti-histamines are becoming less effective and the side-effects (drowsiness) worse.

    I started using the Medisana Medinose yesterday, and had one of my worst sneezing/irritation attacks ever last night, and it has yet to stop. It’s probably coincidence and not caused by the device, but definitely no instant relief…

    1. Em² says:

      I have a mild cat allergy, as well as house dust. I bought my red light allergy device primarily for relieving hayfever where it’s been fantastic. I have to say it was not instant relief for me and I could have a wonderful sneezing fit just after using the probes. But everybody is different and responds in different ways. It doesn’t free me from the need to clear cat dander and clean bedsheets more regularly during summer hayfever months. Hope you find some relief in the medium to long term but let us know equally if it doesn’t work for you as a balanced picture is good in assessing these devices.

      1. ccharlotte80 says:

        Thanks Em! I am absolutely fine with continuing to clean loads, as long as I can keep my kittehs 🙂
        After a week of usage, I am cautiously optimistic: I spent almost all of the weekend indoors (so with the cats) because the weather was so awful, and usually that would trigger a horrible reaction, but I only had a couple of short sneezing fits right after using the medinose.

  93. Whilst it may not work for some, I have been allergy and hay fever free since the I bought an allergy reliever in May. To be totally honest I’d given up hope of ever having a summer that didn’t consist of locating either the nearest toilet to ravage their roll supplies or super market to buy tissues. It’s August now and whatever summer we’ve had in England it’s been free of annoyance.

    It took a day to work but it’s well worth trying. Can’t recommend one enough!

  94. Paul says:

    I was in my local Lloyds then other day.. £11.99 I saw the allergy reliever on offer for so I thought for just over a tenner it’s worth it… And after years of rhinitis, sinusitis, hay fever and cat related sneezing and watery eyes I can confirm that my symptoms are nearly 100% better already. Hoping that this continues

  95. Maria says:

    I doubted dearly that anything can help my boyfriend’s hay fever. We were advised by our friends to try boots allergy device but because it was out of stock, we ordered from Lloyds, gave it few weeks and believe it or not – it works! Just a bit of patiency, because you need to use it for about month until it will improve your life. I would pay any money to make my boyfriend suffer less, and this is definitely what I would recommend to try, no more tablets, after which he slept and felt bad. So simple, I couldn’t thank enough my friends for advise us to try this. It is great.

  96. Donna says:

    How do I order one?

  97. Lena Nilsen says:

    I used this last year and it was brilliant. But this year it has not helped. Very odd. I’m wondering if the gadget has a limited lifespan. Maybe it has to be replaced every year.

    1. Em² says:

      Hi Lena. Funny you should say that. Had great results the past few years to the extent I felt I wasn’t getting hayfever at all but this year I am getting some symptoms. I keep hearing that this year is quite bad hayfever wise with additional non native pollen in the air. Maybe it’s an air quality issue. Hard to say. Thanks for sharing.

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