A Phone For All Seasons

Pirelli multi phone
I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have a land line phone, only an Internet phone and I don’t pay a monthly phone rental bill. I’ve been intrigued by this offering from Sipgate for a while now.

It’s a duel use phone made by Perilli that operates as both a standard GSM mobile phone and can make Internet based phone calls using the open sip protocol via a WiFi connection.

For the price of £59 the Perilli DualPhone DP-L10 is the ultimate go anywhere phone and would be especially attractive if you have access to WiFi Internet for making your free or low cost phone calls.

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2 thoughts on “A Phone For All Seasons

  1. I often think that I should dispense with my landline because I never use it. The only person who ever rings it is my mother (good reason to get rid of it in itself!) and the bill comprises largely line rental costs. The Uni pays my line rental along with my broadband connection but if it didn’t I think I would get rid of the landline. My students always ring on my mobile anyway or email so it is silly really.

    I need to read up on internet phones though. I have no idea what they are. I do use Skype. Is it like that? Sorry – take no notice – I am being lazy, I WILL read up on it so don’t explain.

    Something else I have been meaning to sort out and not got around to!

  2. Hello RB-Skype’s the most well known Internet phone service (VOIP) but I don’t use it myself (For various reasons it’s not my cup of tea /suited to my needs-the phone in the post is not a skype phone).I have an actual Internet phone with 3 accounts on it (one allows Australians to ring an Australian number that rings our phone) plus I have an adapter box that links to our cordless dect phone to a local number and another localised UK number which ordinary phone users can call.None of these need the computer to be on.You can only really get rid of the landline if the Internet doesn’t come in via your phone line (our Internet is via cable) but maybe one day the UK users won’t get ripped off (yeah right) and will be able to have ADSL (phone line based) Internet without having to have a BT phone and monthly line charge (though business users currently can at a price).

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