I do enjoy getting inspired by the creative possibilities of technology as sometimes there are better ways to visualize a large ammount of information aside from writing it all down in an essay style.

Creating timelines is one such example where a life history, event timeline or cultural changes can be explored visually. Circavie allows us to create personal timelines of events with interactivity built in by allowing external linking and the embedding of photos and YouTube video.

Sadly I can’t embed any timelines I make on WordPress.com due to the restricted code policies here but it’s easy to embed on platforms that have a slightly more laissez faire attitude to html code use such as a self hosted site, blogger etc.

I’m slowly starting a couple of blogs elsewhere that will allow me to experiment with a few visual technologies and will be making their locations public very soon.

For now you can view a timeline I’m in the middle of here (and I’m open to suggestions as to who or what I’ve currently left out).

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