What Is The Point?

It strikes me that we are in the middle of an epidemic of meaninglessness at work. Bankers, lawyers, and senior managers are increasingly asking themselves what on earth their jobs mean, and finding it hard to come up with an answer…

The best way to find meaning at work? Don’t look for it (BBC news magazne)

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One thought on “What Is The Point?

  1. Oh yes, I long ago learnt that. None of my students ever listen to a word that I say. They nod, they take notes but they never listen. Nothing would change at all if I did not do the job that I do – well, except that I would have no money of course.

    With the freelance work it is sometimes (occasionally – very occasionally I guess) possible to see that I am actually providing some benefit to someone or something – when I produce reports to support an organisation’s objections to a proposal or somesuch. But again mostly it feels like just doing things for the sake of it, if I didn’t do it, nothing would be different.

    With my sister (who is a doctor) and my father (who was a surgeon) it was easy to see how their work made a difference, people were always thankful (or otherwise) but they very definitely did things, very definitely made a difference.

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