VHS Still Used by 27% Of Brits

VHSVHS tape still accounts for 27% of TV time shifting methods in the UK. Of the 57% of Brits who do time shift their TV (in contrast to those that watch as a programme goes out or not at all) a higher percentage of women time shift or watch on demand than do men.

On demand services account for 11% of TV watching with the newer Internet catch up services such as the BBC iPlayer now accounting for 16%. Personal video recorders (PVR’s) including Sky+ boxes are used by 22% of the 2168 people surveyed for YouGov.

The survey also showed that there is a growing interest for on demand , catch up and live broadcast TV services via the Internet, the further growth of which may depend, according to those surveyed on the availability of free content (license fee aside), picture quality and the ability to watch on their TV’s rather then on the computer (currently only possible via IPTV type services such as Tiscali TV, homechoice ,BT’s Internet based TV service, Apple TV and those that can connect their computer directly to their television).


Photo by moneboh under this creative commons images

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3 thoughts on “VHS Still Used by 27% Of Brits

  1. I’m surprised by the 27%. I don’t know many people who still have VHS. We do but only use it for playback these days. My children are constantly carping at me because I refer to recording anything from TV as “videoing” when I really mean dvding.

    I generally record things – just so I can watch them a bit later and skip the adverts. Although I do watch The Apprentice when it’s on – somehow it doesn’t feel right to watch that later, I might hear the result by mistake or something.

    Wow – still amazed by the 27% figure.

  2. Funny you should mention the VHS thing. Our ten year old VHS machine blew up yesterday. I want to get another one for all the videos we still have but hubs doesn’t want another one. Can you copy videos to dvd?

  3. There are still a few manufacturers producing VHS machines. I think LG is one of them though largely what’s left are combined duel VHS players and DVD recorders for those that need to transfer to DVD though this can also be done by playing an external VHS player into a standalone DVD Recorder.Most VHS recordings transfer fine though some pre-recorded films may have macrovision copy protection (the swines!) which may or may not hinder transfer. Most people tend to transfer home recordings and old saved TV shows which is fine. So one way or another it’s all possible with the requisite equipment.
    I’m sure Dick Smith (in your neck of the woods) or similar will do dual players or duel recorder players.

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