Fuel Poverty Lack Of Empathy?

I watched a story about fuel poverty on the news last night which showed a family deep in debt because their fuel bill was £50-£60 a week and they’d had to borrow and get in debt to get by.

My first reaction was to exclaim that £60 a week seemed almost infeasibly high and were these people just not turning household and gadget items off at all until I reconsidered that maybe, just maybe the poorest people are likely to be in the least efficient and least modernised homes particularly if they’re renting and/or on low incomes.

Housing improvement

Have Your Say (again)

Inevitably the BBC’s Have your say(HYS) discussion (read right wing dominated rant) on the issue of the government proposals to help those worst affected by fuel poverty such as pensioners on a fixed low income and possibly others whose incomes would not not keep pace with the ever growing cost of affording the basics produced the predictable resentment from the ‘sod ’em all’ contingent.

Self Torture

I shouldn’t torture myself by reading HYS as the lack of empathy contained therein often depresses me. There are often many comments that repeatedly resent helping the worst off in our society because they should somehow get off their backsides and help themselves (how exactly does a disabled pensioner supplement their basic state pension? Sell drugs? Shoplift? Get a job? Some of these comments often beggar belief (maybe it’s just me) but I believe do represent a sizeable percentage of attitude in this country today so I ‘like’ to alienate myself further by reading what the modern equivalent of the man,woman or undefined autonomous individual on the Clapham omnibus actually is thinking).

Here’s to ongoing alienation in your country of birth.

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3 thoughts on “Fuel Poverty Lack Of Empathy?

  1. Ah if you like that sort of torture maybe I could re-route my phone to you so that you can listen to my mother for an hour every week. She wouldn’t know as she doesn’t expect any response – just the odd grunt would do fine. It is like reading a week’s worth of the Daily Mail or several days of that Have your Say thing neither of which I can bear to read.

    I too thought the 50-60 quid sounded high – twice what I pay. But yes, I am sure what you say is right – the poor are often in bad housing where there is little insulation and the heating systems are inefficient. They also often rely on prepay which is more expensive per unit and are more likely to be at home all day rather than relying on employers to keep them warm.

  2. Well RB our micro hutch must be very energy efficient compared to most. It would be good to make a looped recording for use on the phone that just went “uh huh, yes, I know” etc allowing you to rejoin the “conversation” at key intervals whilst getting other things done. Sadly my own parents take the Mail. Not the best oracle I’d choose for becoming widely informed and educated about the world but then I’m not sure I’d entrust that to any newspaper these days.

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