Scaring Stupid People

It would be nice to see the Daily Mail focus on something sensible rather than have a different horseman of the apocalypse charging across the front page each day…I really can’t be bothered with being forced to face the imminent collapse of Western civilization every single day.
The poor b*******s who believe all this crap are living in a perpetual hell, expecting their homes to be overrun at any minute by hoodie wearing, skunk smoking Moslem transgender asylum seekers on a Jihad. It’s really not a humane way to treat the congenitally stupid. Scaring stupid people should become a criminal offence.

A comment on The Register concerning the Daily Mail who cited a video game as proof of an apocalyptic terrorist plot.

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2 thoughts on “Scaring Stupid People

  1. Mail readers are a curious bunch though, aren’t they? They actually find reading this stuff comforting because it highlights to them every day how far removed their own lives are from all the Stuff that is reportedly going on in Chav Britain (not sure they read stuff about the wider world) and how successful they are because their children do not wear hoodies and attend “nice” schools or have gone on to have successful careers and are not single mothers living on benefits. Well, that is the way my mother and her cronies think anyway. My mother can talk for hours about what she has read in the Mail that week, relating it all to her own life and how clever she has been to avoid various pitfalls etc – it’s scary really cos she isn’t especially stupid. I often wonder if she were once different and that the Mail has made her see things the way she does, or whether she always saw them that way and that is why she reads the Mail.

    I agree re the other newspapers. I had this idea last year that I would read a different one every day – to include the Mail – but i tried it for a week or two and found it just too distressing, there is def something comforting about a familiar newspaper – I reckon there is something addictive they put in the ink they use. I returned to being a sanctimonious Guardian reader after about 3 weeks.

    Sorry – feeling moany (but chatty) today!

    I’ll go now . . .

  2. No worries RB- I’ve tended to think that people pick the newspaper that tells them what they want to hear really.It’s a security blanket habit maybe.I’ve known people in the past that used to buy a clutch of papers because they liked to sift through them.My parents probably keep the Mail through force of habit. I was given some old Daily Mail’s from the early 70’s a while ago and it was a very different paper then. The Mail online probably now reveals the true nature of the Mail’s ‘news’ agenda. I regularly listen to Nick Abbot (phone in on LBC) who often asks why a paper such as the DM which is largely aimed at women then has such a misogynistic agenda (though frankly I just think they hate every body but that clearly appeals to a certain small minded(?) section of our population). I don’t believe that Mail readers are stupid (though I can’t qualify that) but even highly educated and intelligent people can indulge in personal prejudices (as can we all , witness my distaste for the Mail, why my inherent bias is outrageous) though the quote above made me laugh out loud and was worth sharing.
    I admit I haven’t bought a newspaper in years especially since the advent of rolling news and the Internet (bit more Woolworths ‘pick n’ mix now). I try to sift through a broad section of them on-line but no doubt have my own long held prejudices about some newspapers (no s*** Sherlock).

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