What’s New?

My partner was using Google maps and Google earth the other day to find various places local as seen from above and was amazed to find that the results probably dated from at least five years ago as our old car car clearly (ish) been seen parked outside our old address and various newer buildings do not show up. A snapshot in time. Other locations , usually US locations seem bang up to date. A prioritised snapshot of our shared environment as seen by satellites and possibly the odd passing alien.

Need For Speed?

I also found out that our Internet speed has been upgraded as part of a rolling free  upgrade of speeds across the Virgin media network. Only by looking at a map of Britain with various local markers and comments about speed did I realise that upgrades must have happened yesterday and a speed test revealed an 8.4Mbps download with a 0.5Mbps upstream speed (why is cable so asychronous. I can understand ADSL‘s disparity between download and upload).I don’t desire huge speed and these days with data limits and speed shaping in place by many ISPs it seems daft to increase speeds which encourage more data useage, only to then throttle the speeds back when people actually take advantage of those speeds offered.


Online Time

I’ve also got to play around with the oddly named Plurk, another twitter-like service with a more visual interface element with conversations and cliques (groups) placed along a timeline. Following conversations often means spinning back and forth the timeline depending on when you started or joined a conversation but if users are listened to then Plurk could develop into something usable.


BuzzwordI was also pleased to see Adobe expand their Buzzword on-line word processor via Acrobat.com,a web based  pdf creation, collaboration and file sharing utility. The full paid version of Acrobat 9 also includes an expanded version of Buzzword as an Adobe air based option.Buzzword had been one of the most impressive web applications that I’d used over the past year.

Another View

PiclensPiclens has been a very intriguing add on that available for a wide range of web browsers including Firefox and even safari. It transforms online picture searches on Google, Flickr, picasa and YouTube by presenting them as a 3D wall that can then be browsed as a full screen 3D wall of pictures that can be zoomed into and , along and out of etc. It certainly transforms the search process on these sites.

Piclens screenshot by enda_001 under this creative commons license

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One thought on “What’s New?

  1. Our Google Earth photos were updated last September. I can see my car in the ski club car park as the images are so clear – it was the day of the Farmers’ Jam where the freestylers ski over jumps and rails and if you look closer you can see the rails. Prior to that our images were from before we lived here – so 5 years ago or longer.

    Last time I checked the images of where I used to live (West Wales) were very poor and I couldn’t identify my old house at all, or even the street. I ought to go back and see if they have improved. See what the new people have done to my lovely garden!!!

    When my sons first discovered Google Earth they thought they were real time photos and kept running outside to see if they could spot themselves!

    I’m quite enjoying Plurk although, being a mathematical type, I keep thinking I need to find particular uses for each of my blog, Twitter and Plurk – not let them be the same. If you see what I mean?

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