UK Broadband Internet Voluntary Code


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Ofcom have published a voluntary code that it hopes the UK broadband Internet providers will adopt.

These include being transparent with prospective customers over the actual speeds that are likely to be achievable at their location, being more proactive in resolving technical difficulties (best of luck on that one – bet that’ll be via a premium rate number), offering customers the option of downgrading to a lower sped package should desired speeds not be achievable and providing clear information on usage limits and informing them if and when that limit has been reached.

As somebody sometimes called up to resolve broadband connectivity issues after someone has already chosen an ISP and often has to talk with the ISP to resolve setup issues and which are often met with a somewhat ‘don’t want to know’ attitude on first contact until you can prove a level of technical knowledge that steps you up the support line chain of command it’ll be interesting to see how many ISP’s adopt the voluntary code.

No mention  in the voluntary code about dubious selling tactics like 18 month tie in contracts and resetting contract terms when having to downgrade or upgrade speed packages thus locking unhappy customers into poorly performing packages, often when they were often unaware that they were agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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