Guilt And Sorrow In The Aisles

Choice of muzak in a supermarket these days is not quite what it was in the days of custom recorded ‘lift/elevator’ soundtracks of yesteryear that were designed to have bland but carefully crafted peaks to encourage shopping habits and act as a a kind of consumer prozac on those engaged in shopping.

These days it’s pop music and inane store-wide dj’s who promote brands in between supposedly uplifting pop music that many are already familiar with.

Yesterday it was my misfortune to experience the one song that should not be played to a person of my generation within the confines of a supermarket store whilst pondering whether I should treat myself and my partner to some chocolate and ice cream.

That song was Drive by the Cars. A song that for me anyway is so linked to 1985’s Live Aid that as I stood surrounded by shelves of plenty I was, in my mind’s eye seeing the video that accompanied this tune when played during the Live Aid event and consisted of moving scenes of the starving masses both young and old of Ethiopia at that time.

Not, for me, a song that encourages the filling of a supermarket basket when inducing a state of tearful guilt.

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