Love Hearts And Whatevers


My other half really fancied a packet of love hearts (the confectionery with messages of love etched onto them) and asked me to look out for them when I popped to the local supermarket. The best I could do was these in store chav-esque equivalents that are sadly devoid of sweet messages of love and instead bring candy into the modern age with words like ‘minger’, ‘as if’, ‘bothered’, ‘in it’ and ‘whatever’.

Apparently they tasted fairly similar to love hearts but were somehow not as uplifting reading the Jafaikan sayings than the cutesy messages of the original.


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One thought on “Love Hearts And Whatevers

  1. I just had to add that there were 3 flavours to these, “vanilla – white”, “strawberry – pink” and “lemon – yellow”. The yellow ones smelled of urine. Thank God they didn’t taste of it!!! lol

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