iPlayer Unification Imminent

BBC iPlayerThe BBC’s iPlayer is to soon incorporate its radio player content in a unification of its TV & radio catch up on-line services.In addition the ability to personalise the player to your own tastes will be possible & the player will be able to recommend upcoming programmes based on your preferences (which sounds almost Tivo-esque).

The new combined TV & radio iPlayer is expected to launch within weeks whilst personalisation features are still some months away following testing.

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3 thoughts on “iPlayer Unification Imminent

  1. I don’t think it’s possible for me to love the iPlayer more than I already do. I’ve watch so much more TV now!
    It’s the best thing that’s happened to the BBC in years.

  2. What marvellous news. This will hopefully mean that, collectively as a nation, we can remove RealPlayer from our computers once and for all.

  3. Kirsty-I think we stopped watching TV ‘live’ once we had a PVR & the iPlayer catches the things we miss from the cherry picked recordings.Between the two we often are a good week behind watching things but at least we get to pick & choose if & when we feel like watching TV (or missed radio progs). The iPlayer is a good example of what can be delivered via the license fee.

    Adam-It does seem like the Beeb have been slowly migrating to flash based technologies for audio & video on its on-line sites so hopefully we’ll see less of the legacy Real player & Windows media content.
    I like the image conveyed by ‘collectively as a nation…’.

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