Allo John Got Fuel For Ya Motor?

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Another succinct HYS comment summing up the growing shortage of fuel caused by a combination of the tanker drivers strike and media duelled panic buying that is probably producing a very predictable outcome.

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2 thoughts on “Allo John Got Fuel For Ya Motor?

  1. There is no crisis that we British cannot make worse by organizing it. Do you remember when there was a previous shortage and some genius decided to sell motorists only 50p-worth at a time? This resulted in huge queues and people sitting in their cars for hours on end as they did the rounds of the filling stations.

    In the middle of that, we drove down to Cornwall for the holidays. While London was gridlocked with petrol-buying motorists, we had no difficulty buying petrol – as much as we wanted – both on the journey down and all the time we were in Cornwall.

    We Brits just love disaster, don’t we: predicting it, moaning about it when it arrives and analyzing it endlessly afterwards. The one thing we do not do, of course, is to learn lessons so we can deal with it next time. That would take the fun out of it.

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