A Sideline In Timelines

I’ve recently started a new blog elsewhere to indulge my penchant for trying out different web based tools. I’d usually happily contain those ideas here but WordPress.com is understandably a little choosy about the type of html code it allows on its blogging platform therefore embedded flash and java script based technologies are currently not permitted unless via a small number of limited partners.


So for anyone that’s interested I now have a companion blog called Timelines that is mostly about exploiting various visual ways of presenting information in an interactive way with audio visual and linked elements. I welcome submissions and collaborations. It’s primarily a light hearted playground & scratchpad for ideas & I may link there for various posts that I think could be presented differently.

For example I have presented the many blog posts here in one timeline and the various tape archive posts are able to be explored via another whilst a history of electronic music (ongoing) was started here.

Heres’ to diversification.




2 thoughts on “A Sideline In Timelines

  1. I periodically feel bored with WordPress myself and yearn for something better. For one thing, its templates are very dull and somewhat old-fashioned compared with what is available on some other platforms. It might help if we could install templates from other sources but this, of course, is not allowed. (Why not?)

    Similarly, when I join groups such as Blogcatalog or Technorati, I have to have a special safe, dull text widget, not the javascript one that everyone else has. If these javascript widgets are so dangerous, why haven’t I heard of sites that allow them being damaged?

    On the plus side, WordPress does have some good features and moving elsewhere requires a learning curve which one hesitates to undertake. There is also the problem of whether one’s readers would follow to the new site.

    I have spent a lot of time recently looking at blog hosting sites and I feel that the world is ready for something new. Perhaps even now it is being prepared in some back room.

  2. Hello SilverTiger
    I’m sure that wordpress.com will develop overtime.It seems to be a question of having approved partners for some technologies to work. Obviously a self hosted wordpress.org blog gives you total control (though is a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut for some of us) & you can customise your template on the .com side if you pay the annual credit fee (though this still won’t open up access to flash & javascript).I think the coding restrictions are a question of resources.The wordpress.com staffing is surprisingly small. I’m committed to wordpress though I currently don’t want to jump to self hosting for the sake of a little experimenting.

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