A Fool For Fuel?

Yesterday’s projected 40% rise in the cost of UK domestic gas and electricity is probably not as great a surprise considering the uncompetitive state of our privatised energy suppliers, the effect that speculative activities is having on the cost of raw materials and how much we in the UK  now rely on imported energy particularly in respect of gas.

Will I change energy supplier.Probably not as we fixed our energy prices a couple of years ago until 2010 and because our annual dual fuel bill is currently still below £550 which is way below what a lot of other larger households would pay. Having said that the price of all fuels are likely to be permanently on the rise as we all have to adjust to new ways of living and consuming energy.

If we did move energy supplier (a process that was fraught with underhand tactics employed to keep us with our previous supplier the last time we did that) then we’d probably move to Ebico the UK’s only not-for-profit energy company where tariffs are simplified & people are not penalised for their chosen method of payment. At least I’d know my fuel payments were not largely destined for the pockets of shareholders.

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