Down But Not Out

As I write this the screen is gently spinning from the effects of dizziness whilst my right ear is screaming blue murder via a very loud tinnitus level. I’m clearly in another protracted period of meniere’s attacks.

I’ve probably got used to working around the temporary disability periods though it requires flexibility. It’s not always something you can ‘carry on regardless’ through as sometimes this will just make things worse.

Sometimes it’s just down tools, lay down and live with it until the symptoms improve.Luckily handling a computer is something you can partially do whilst laying down.Learn the keyboard shortcuts and with some processes you don’t even need to see the screen. Apple’s speech configuration does allow for vocal commands to control programs & processes.

At the moment I admit the tinnitus is annoying me greatly due to its sheer volume

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2 thoughts on “Down But Not Out

  1. I hope it improves soon. It sounds very unpleasant indeed.

    I often try to use my computer from a reclined position on the sofa in the evening (my back is not keen on me sitting up on the sofa and typing) but I find that my all-finger typing is so engrained in me that I really struggle. My left arm usually goes dead in about half an hour and then I can only type words that are on the right-hand side of the keyboard. Makes for some interesting emails!!

    But you are clever with technology so I know you will find ways.

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