All Change For Domain Names


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ICANN, a regulator of the some aspects of the Internet has voted to allow relaxation of rules around what are colled top level domain names that end in .com, .org, etc. This means we may see an extension of available domains such as .nyc (New York City), .ldn (London) together with more personalised and more commercial domains that would be used for branding.

Some countries have made a profitable revenue stream by offering their country domain for other uses such as .tv for television companies when in fact it is the designated top level domain name for the small Polynesian island nation of Tuvalu.

We have yet to hear if non English characters will now be permissible within these domain names.

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4 thoughts on “All Change For Domain Names

  1. As more and more people go online and are less than satisfied with names like, address space will have to be expanded to accommodate them all. The various court cases in which big companies have tried to wrest “their” domain name from other users emphasise the point.

    The domain name system was invented when very few people and institutions were online. We have already outgrown it many times over. I think a new system is badly needed. I don’t doubt that some genius has already thought one up – it just needs the will to implement it. When that happens, those of us with “old-fashioned” domain names can show them off as car drivers do with their “legacy” licence marks.

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