Do The Juicing

Much as I abhore the whoring of music in the name of pushing a commercial product I am partial to this little 30 second ditty used in the name of a certain sweet fruity drink. The Music is by Chris Baker, originally one half of Mint Royale whose ‘singing in the rain’ remix was used a few years ago in a VW advert and which topped the British charts a short while ago thanks to its reinterpretation by the winning ‘Britain’s got talent‘ contestant (does trying to copy an advert count as a talent now?).

Audio only:

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2 thoughts on “Do The Juicing

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought mimicking an advert really isn’t talent.
    The Mint Royale back catalogue will well worth a, (paid), download.

  2. Hello Adam- That Master Sampson got people to re-evaluate Mint Royale & maybe even the VW advert is at least a good by product and whilst I empathise with the young man’s reported physical difficulties I do feel that many of these shows don’t necessarily promote the kind of original creative talent of which long and diverse careers are based on. I certainly agree re Mint Royale.

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