Magic Roundabout Memorial

The magic roundabout

The magic roundabout

The obituary of Frank Blackmore has been widely reported. Credited as the inventor of the mini roundabout he had a hand in one of my great terrors when I was learning the drive, the magic roundabout in Hemel Hempstead which seemed to defy the rules of the road that I was struggling to learn at the time.

A giant rounadbout surrounded by a multitude of mini’s and which the driver could traverse either clockwise or anti clockwise.

As an experienced driver it and its Swindon based twin make more sense in that the flow of traffic is maintained rather than causing queuing that happens at some of the larger roundabouts but for the nervous learner some of his creations were the stuff of great heart palpitations and cold sweaty palms.

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2 thoughts on “Magic Roundabout Memorial

  1. Oh wow, that looks a lot of fun. Is it still there? If so, I must go and visit it next time we are in Hemel for an ERSA race. My sons would think it was wonderful.

    But yes, I can see what you mean about it being a very scary thing to have to face as a learner or even for the first time as an experienced driver if you had not come across anything like it before and were not expecting it.

  2. Certainly the magic roundabout in Hemel is still there (the picture above can be enlarged is from Google Earth) the same as it ever was in the shadow of what was the old Kodak processing building. My driving instructor liked to put me through the wringer & Hemel’s magic roundabout was a real freak out experience for a learner.

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