Supermarkets Asked To Stockpile Basics

It would seem that Britain’s government is planning for the worst. It has asked supermarkets to start stockpiling some food to guard against possible shortages should a number of strikes throughout the food delivery chain eventuate but most crucially by hauliers.

The plans are still only at the discussion stage but Tesco are reported to have played a key role in the talks aimed at safeguarding the supply of basics such as milk, bread, meat and newspapers (what no tea? don’t panic!!) should disruptions to any food deliveries occur.

Up until the 1990’s (remember them?) the government itself stockpiled some foodstuffs in secret grain sheds under civil contingency plans.

Government now relies of supermarkets themselves to stockpile in times of potential risk.The hauliers are expected to strike in protest at the rising cost of fuel and fuel duty.


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2 thoughts on “Supermarkets Asked To Stockpile Basics

  1. Emalyse I work in the transport industry and our costs at the moment for keeping a fleet on the road are phenomenal. It’s a sad reflection on a government with no back bone, always looking the other way.
    This just goes to prove how much of a hold the supermarket monopolies have doesn’t it.
    I don’t think strikes are ever the answer… (Remember Arthur Scargill?) but someone, somewhere has to make a stand. We can’t continue to be known as the country that stands politely by whilst the economy goes to hell. Perhaps making a stand might be the answer. I know a lot of people would be inconvenienced but if we stand by and watch, what price will it be next week… and the knock-on effect is unbelievable.

  2. Hi Daffy-I’m afraid I tend to envy the French who are better at people power and saying ‘Non’ to their governments and reminding them they are representatives of the people. We’ve become a bit selfish and apathetic as a nation in that respect. Whilst the ongoing economic problems are more of a global phenomena we do have a set of conditions that will help to make the next 5-7 years a big challenge for many countries.
    I do think that as living costs increase it’ll be hard to stop working people jostling for the pay rises they feel they need to at least maintain their existing standard of living however basic they may personally feel that is at present.It’s going to be a bumpy ride I feel.

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