Reasons To Be Cheerful?

The phone-in host temporarily loses the will to live

Britain as a nation, or maybe just England it’s hard to tell from where I sit, is not a naturally happy entity. We seem to have talked ourselves via the media into a perpetual state of negativity. It was one of the main factors I tried to escape when I emigrated temporarily some years ago.

The grinding negativity can often get very wearing particularly if you’re prone to the dark clouds visiting yourself. It’s no great surprise that I ended up with a life partner not born into this culture and who was bought up in a somewhat more positive mental attitude environment (though I’ve done my best to drag said partner down to my level).



Don’t get me wrong, apart from the negativity, the sheer rip off high costs, the inbuilt small minded xenophobia inherent in much of the population, the Daily bloody Mail that stokes the fires of discontent, the blame culture, the ‘not in my backyard’ little Englander tendencies, the yob contingent, the obsession with celebrity and the inane, the growing divide between rich and poor and the return of class divisions, there are a few positives to living here (I just can’t think of them right now).

So it’s no surprise that as I settled down to listen to a phone in show last night the host had a minor Peter Finch-esque ‘Network‘ moment and just couldn’t face another night of moaning and negativity so abandoned his usual plans and asked for ‘reasons to be cheerful?’. It took a very long while for people to phone in with suggestions.

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One thought on “Reasons To Be Cheerful?

  1. Well, I’m glad to see you avoiding negativity yourself! 😀

    Which comic character was it whose tag was “You gotta laugh, ‘aven’t you?” Maybe we should make that our motto.

    I think the British enjoy complaining. We used to be criticized for always complaining about the weather. Well, now we’ve moved on: we’ve expanded our horizons and now we complain about everything. It’s a sort of progress, I suppose.

    You are referring to Nick Abbot. He’s good at his job, which is to irritate people enough to prompt them to call in but not enough to make them turn off in disgust. He is very intelligent too, which makes it all the more regrettable that at times he can be utterly stupid and show an astonishing degree of ignorance about the topics he chooses to talk about. He is paid to be a stirrer-up; he is not to be taken as an authority on British life and culture. He is far from that. “Negativity” is a tool of his trade. It shouldn’t be seen as a wise and fair assessment of Britain and its people.

    People can be as negative as they like but that doesn’t mean we have to follow suit and play their miserable game.

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