Virgin Media Internet Connection Problem

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I’ve been experiencing a couple of day of infuriating disconnections from our Virgin media (rebranded NTL) cable based Internet connection. During periods of connectivity I’d managed to look on-line and see that I was not alone.

Before the desperation of trying to embark on the tortuous process that is technical support on the phone I decided to do some troubleshooting myself using my own slightly sad but sometimes useful technical abilities.

I was having to unplug and restart the cable modem up to 10 times a day so the problem needed diagnosing. I noticed that during periods where there were seemingly devoid of an Internet connection I could ping Virgin’s two DNS servers so that suggested to me that perhaps this was some kind of DNS resolution issue.

I then input Virgin’s DNS servers manually into our netgear router & also made sure that the ethernet mac address showing was that of our main computer and not the router after reading that people using routers were having more problems that those where the modem was connected directly to a computer. I had also tried removing the router from the equation but the problem persisted.

So I then dispensed with Virgin’s DNS server addresses and used the third party OpenDNS server addresses input manually into the netgear router and this seems to have resolved our connection reliability issues completely.

If you’re using Virgin’s cable broadband and having similar issues it’s worth trying this solution to see if it also solves your own intermittent connection problems. Many Virgin media cabled areas are experiencing connectivity issues. In some cases it’s the local exchange, in others it’s faulty modems which can be replaced but for us using an alternative DNS service has improved our connection 100%.

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14 thoughts on “Virgin Media Internet Connection Problem

  1. A while back we tried to sign up for Virgin broadband when there was a special offer going. Our details were taken and we were told that they would have to get wayleave from our landlord but that as this was a borough council there wasn’t usually any problem. That was months ago. They never got back to us.

    I recently saw an advert in the tube in which Virgin was apologizing to customers for the recent spate of bad service, confirmed by you.

    All in all, I am glad they somehow lost my application…

  2. Hi ST.Same thing happened years ago at our previous address because they couldn’t get the wayleave permission needed but never got back to us (we had to follow it up independently).Admittedly we’ve had few problems until now and had no real choice other than broadband via cable as we’re too far from an ADSL exchange. If only it was possible as in other countries to get ADSL via a phone line without having to pay a standing charge for a phone line to BT (I don’t need a phone line).Luckily I’ve solved our problems myself but the less technically minded will be stuck in a queue of buck passing (and could be affected by different issues than us). Anyone affected should record the number of days of disruption and can ask for a discount. My experience in helping others is that almost everyone will experience problems at some time no matter which ISP they’re with (the usual Brit postcode lottery applies). It’s just that kind of thing.

  3. Had the exact same problem and tried the exact same remedies but for me it hasn’t worked (Open DNS).

    The morons at VM keep telling me to connect directly to the modem but the fault is so intermittent it’s going to take me days to diagnose the problem.

    Anyway, found a tonne of errors on the modem so you may want to try this:

    – Connect directly to modem and get a valid 80 \ 81 address.
    – Goto and log into the modem with username: ‘root’ and password: ‘root’
    -From here navigate to the Event Log which may help you.

    STILL continuing to monitor the problem after 3 months and STILL no joy with Virgin Media.

    If it wasn’t for the excellent TV service an my lack of BT phone line I would ditch them tomorrow.


  4. Hello Rambo-thanks for that. I had done the modem query thing and like you got lots of errors though I’m told that restarting the modem pulls up a long list of errors often dating back over a very long period. I had a few more dropped times despite OpenDNS and my modem was eventually replaced after a technicians visit which followed me sending off the readout from the modem query to VM’s email support- though VM seemed reluctant to replace it initially (didn’t even get a wholly new one) . I’ve had no great problems since then but still here that many others do.

  5. We used to be with Blueyonder, before Virgin Media. Yes, this is Blueyonder, which WAS the fastest internet provider in the UK. We’re meant to have a 20mg Optical Broadband speed. Numerous checks later, we’re hardly even getting speeds of 8 and 10. Yesterday for 12 hours, 7AM until 7PM our broadband grinded to a halt, loading one page an hour… Speed checks revealing they had slowed our connection to an astonishing 1 Meg. Its beyond belief what I almost did. I felt like ripping the whole lot of Virgin Media’s “Goods” and binning it and telling them where to stick it, but that would be the easy option out. Instead I am going to play along with them, and then take them to court. For the fast 12 months, Virgin Media has stuck an odd little amount of £100 to our bill each month. AT first we thought it was the phone.. Then we got told it wasn’t. Then broadband download limits were over used. Although we have unlimited downloads..

    Nothing has happened, until they figure out what is about to happen.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience.We only have Virgin for Broadband (we had phone & TV years ago but got rid and went elsewhere though they continued to debit monies for 6 months which we never got refunded). We had no choice but to use them for broadband as we are too far from an ADSL exchange. It’s untrue to say their broadband is unlimited as they do do now employ throttling if you exceed a quoted limit for your package which differs between certain times of the day. This effectively means that you can download as much as you want but not at the full speed of your chosen speed package.There is also a fair usage limit which can be triggered also though their limits are perhaps more generous than some others and primarily they now use bandwidth (speed) throttling to limit the demands on their infrastructure. The ‘extra charges’ is very unfortunate as they refuse to itemise these extras quite often so it’s too easy to only see your total bill will little explanation of where any extra monthly charges have come from. I do suggest you use email contact for support as I find it more reliable than the script readers on their telephone call centre ‘support’.

  6. virgin media broadband is awful.

    I get anything from 5 mins to 5 hours internet usage before I have to reset my modem.

    Makes online gaming impossible.

    It’s a pain, but I am not going to continue paying for a service from virgin media when viable competition exists…

    adious virgin!

    Guess i’ll be back online in a couple of weeks!

  7. fed up with intermittent problems logging on, over 24 hours now continuous but experienced previous bad service.

  8. Do Not call 150 they are useless. Call Head Office and ask for the Complain Department !

    they didn’t understand value of my time wasted waiting for the internet connection, now they will be dealing with all of the unsatisfied clients !

    01256 752000 Head office
    01642 191401 Customer Care Centre
    01642 642920 Customer relations
    01642 191200 Customer services – Retentions
    01256 754554 Neil Berkett CEO (Chief Executive Officer) —-[call him as many times as you wish]
    01256 754501 Fax

    Kind Regards

    Angry Customer

    • Hi Shaun. It’s best you follow the walkthroughs on openDNS

      This may or may not help your connectivity problems but it’s worth trying to see if bypassing Virgin’s own DNS servers offers some improvement.
      If this offers no improvement then try to contact Virgin via email and get support to test your connection and modem.It takes persistence to get adequate service from them I know.

  9. We have Virgin wireless internet, our internet used to drop off constantly and was extremely slow. When using a ethernet cable we were receiving 50mb broadband. The actual problem is their wireless routers. If someone else in your area is on the same channel the routers interfere with each other. The only way to solve this is to buy your own router and then since we did the internet has been great and there have been no problems. Seems slightly ridiculous that you have to buy a router though and that virgin didn’t test theirs properly before supplying them to customers.

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