Belated Antipodean Treats

Soya King & Cadbury Snack

Soya King & Cadbury Snack

A belated birthday food treat arrives from down under. Soya chips and a Cadbury Snack bar, the latter primarily for my partner with expressed rules to share at least a few squares with me. I used to be able to get soya chips from Holland and Barratt health stores but but these and toasted soya bran (a wonderful alternative to wheat bran) no longer seem to be stocked.

It always intrigues me as to the different product ranges a global company may maintain in each different geographical region, some common to all regions whilst others are not.


2 thoughts on “Belated Antipodean Treats

  1. I too am interested/frustrated by global product ranges.

    While in Oz I became hooked on Cadbury/Schweppes Lemon-lime & Bitters, a truly fantastic soft-drink that is not sold here in the states. We’ve gone to great lengths to acquire some since being back.

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