Runaway Bus Tweenie Tease Nightmare

We took some time out the other day and took a bus ride for a mooch around a nearby town. The route is fairly convoluted and takes us through the countryside and various villages. The journey itself was somewhat stressful as the driver seemed permanently wound up, repeatedly annoyed at meeting oncoming traffic as he travelled at excessive speed along what is mostly narrow single track country lanes. At one point, in an attempt to squeeze by a truck coming the other way he managed to bounce us into the virge and a soft ditch. For a while I didn’t imagine we’d escape the confines of the ditch as he wheel spinned aggressively to try to extricate us from this predicament.

On our return journey a group of tweenies got on the bus with us and as we crawled through 4 o’clock town traffic one young girl’s female friends ran alongside the bus teasing their poor friend by chanting that the youngster loved a particular other person.She looked flushed and embarrassed right up until the point she retaliated by giving her erstwhile friends the finger and loudly proclaiming that they should “Eff Off”.

Soon we were out of town and in the countryside, free from the kerbside taunts of young girls but amazingly the young girl then took to phoning her friends on her mobile and putting them on speaker phone, thus allowing her friends to continue to tease her throughout the rest of the bus journey.

Technology is really warping social interaction isn’t it?

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Photo by Joan Thewlis under this creative commons license


One thought on “Runaway Bus Tweenie Tease Nightmare

  1. With respect, I don’t think so. If a kitchen knife becomes a murder weapon it is not the fault of the knife but of the person who uses it.

    When I was at school, we had no “technology” (not even computers) to speak of. Yet there was as much teasing, bullying and heartbreak as there is now.

    People find new ways to hurt one another but the hurt – and the motives for causing it – stay boringly the same.

    That I think is one of the problems of our society: while technology gallops ahead, the human animal advances but slowly, if at all. The mobile doesn’t warp social interaction: we merely use it to further our already warped ambitions.

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