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I just thought I’d have a prune of the various Firefox browser add-ons to weed out the ones I may not be using or may not have updates since the shift to Firefox 3 (or in my case Flock 2.0). Here’s the current state of play. Any suggestions as to what add-ons you find indispensable are most welcome.

Aging Tabs 0.7 – My partner often calls me a tab princess and it’s true I often have an excessive number of tabbed pages open in my browser.Ageing tabs fades the appearance of the least accessed tabs, reminding me that i really should have closed these by now.

BetterSearch 1.20 – The jury’s out on this one as to whether I’ll retain this long term. Enhances searching by adding thumbnails of sites and various related enhancements.

BlueOrganizer 3.4.2 – Certainly in my top 3 of most used add-ons. Saves my bookmarks centrally on-line and allows metadata keywords. Also allows easy bookmarking to various other online sites such a Also takes a tentative step down a pseudo semantic web search by cross referencing your current search across various on-line sources

British English Dictionary 1.19 – I have to have this to override the US centric Internet experience and sites with built in US-centric spell checkers. Grrr

ChromaTabs Plus 2.1 – A 3rd party  update to a much loved previous add-on that wasn’t updated for Firefox 3. Groups browser tabs and colours them for easy reference.

CustomizeGoogle 0.73 – Forces secure options for various Google apps and blocks advertising and some data collection if required.

feedly 1.0b4 -Changes the layout of Google reader into a more magazine style which I admit makes going through my RSS feeds less fatiguing.Firefox 3 sourced browser required.

FireFTP 1.0.1FTP client

Gmail Manager 0.5.5 – Gives me notification across various Gmail accounts

Google Notebook – Makes quick notes

Greasemonkey 0.8.20080609.0 – Provides all manor of modifications to various applications via greasemonkey scripts.

Me.dium – I’ll admit that I just don’t use this social networking service.
meebo 1.1 – Web based multi-platform Instant messenger.Supports Googletalk, Yahoo, Icq, AIM, MSN, Jabber etc.

MR Tech Toolkit (formerly Local Install) 6.0.1 – Default rogue installation safeguard

OPML Support 1.5.2 – For native OPML support

PicLens – Provides 3D browsing  of images in search engines and Flickr. I’ve found this very useful and not just an eye candy enhancement.

StumbleUpon 3.26 – I’ve been on Stumbleupon for ages though probably hold it a little more at arms length after eBay acquired them.

User Agent Switcher 0.6.11 -I hardly have occaision to use this these days but fakes Internet explorer on Windows for any sites that demand IE.

VeriSign’s OpenID SeatBelt – Used with verisign’s ultra secure OpenID service. Now if only we in Britain could use the affordable PayPal USB key with this but as usual we are 2nd class citizens. helps me control my open ID.

Zemanta 0.2.6 – A blogging aid. Lets me quickly insert related links and creative commons images.

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3 thoughts on “Plug It In-Plug It In

  1. I periodically go through the list of Firefox extensions, hoping I might find something that interests me. On the few occasions I have been tempted to try one, I have been disappointed. That’s why it is interesting to read other people’s accounts of what they use and why.

    What it shows, I think, is how very different we all are when it comes to how we work on complex tasks. I hate to have a cluttered screen or browser and keep closing things down that I am not going to use immediately. I like simplicity, even if it requires a few extra key presses.

    The only Firefox extension I have is Adblock and I only use that for one purpose: to stop the annoying image of a site appearing when you hover the pointer over its link. An invention of the devil if ever there was one.

    I also have Opera on my system now it is free. I sometimes use it when I think Firefox is giving a duff result or when I want another browser’s view.

    Oh yes, and I am still on v 2 of Firefox. I have been bitten too often by new versions of applications to leap straight onto version X.0 of anything. I always wait until at least X.1 or X.2 at the earliest. I don’t understand those manic souls who have to have the latest version of everything. If it was good enough yesterday, it’s still good enough today 😉

    Too often, software manufacturers use the launch of new versions as an excuse not to solve the problems of the old version – problems which then get carried over into the new. (MS Midori, anyone?)

  2. Hello SilverTiger-We all work differently thank heavens.I’m a multiple tabs, taking notes, as much help as I can get sort of user.I must admit Firefox 2 (Flock 1.x) was a nightmare on our Mac, especially the last few updates.Random crashes and that memory leak thing meant we had to periodically restart the browser. But as you say it’s about what works for you. I’m always keen to find out if there’s a better way of doing things quicker, easier or in a way that changes the mental or creative process. I take your point over continual relaunching of products.Sometimes though products (in a computer related sense) become just too broken to fix so starting again is the only option (which your reference to Midori no doubt eludes to).

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