Peak In Time

This Fiat 500 advert is doing the rounds again (music is ‘peak in time’ by Cut Chemist). Branding and regional variations are a fascinating thing (leaving aside the inherent and insidious evil that is advertising in general). In this instance Britain gets the quirky version whilst the rest of Europe gets this slightly different version with different music.

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2 thoughts on “Peak In Time

  1. On the subject of Car adverts, I’m guessing you’ve seen the SEAT Ibiza adverts featuring a specially commissioned piece by the Aussie musicians The Avalanches?

    It sounds very similar to their UK Top 20, ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’.

  2. Hello, hello, hello-I have heard that advert (OK I saw it too but paid attention more to the music).I couldn’t ever find a direct confirmation that it was The Avalanches proper (and not a fiendish pastiche) but it does sound very like ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ which I’m still very fond of.

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