BBC iPlayer adds H264 With Series Stacking To Follow

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

BBC’s iPlayer continues to develop and recently the Beeb added the ability to view H264 encoded versions of their content which theoretically should give higher quality pictures combined with moderate streaming bandwidth overheads.

Currently this mode can be toggled as the downside of H264 encoded material is that it calls for greater

H264 quality

H264 quality

processing power at the playback end. There still seem a few bugs to iron out particularly on the Mac playback side but it’s a welcome development and in time may also open the door to HD encodes being available on the iPlayer.

The audio side has not been forgotten with AAC+ audio encoding which it’s hoped will spread to the radio side of the iPlayer.

Coming soon will be series stacking which will allow some series to be made available in their entirity even as the series is being broadcast. The powers that be at the Beeb in the form of the BBC trust have currently put a limit on the amount of material that will be made available as a series at any one time.No more than 15% of on-line content shall be a series stack with no more than 13 episodes available at a time for each series.

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