The Sunday To Wednesday Afternoon Thing

8 days a week

8 days a week

Another Sunday looms large. When I was very young Sundays were a real non event kind of a day which wasn’t entirely disagreeable but they were a day with no available shopping, little or even no television (as telly was devoted to religious programming at least until Sunday evenings) and so were a very distinct day of alternative activity.Sunday evenings were, for me anyway, a time of great sorrow as Monday morning and school loomed. I was not  a happy bunny with the whole school thing.

Part 2 of 2
These days Sunday seems to be a bit more like Saturday part II. Shops are open, there are things going on elsewhere, religious TV programming does not fill the entire schedule though if the number of cars in the road is anything to go by many people still choose to stay put on Sunday.

Midweek Doldrums
There was only one other time in the week that filled me with foreboding and that was Wednesday afternoons.My memory remembers them as wet weather days, stuck in school, maths all afternoon, dark brooding skies that necessitated lights being on in the classroom and the inevitable trudge through rain at home time.
They can’t all have been like that but Wednesday afternoons seem permanently tainted by personal reputation and linkages in my own memory.
So here’s to another Sunday.

Picture by Joe Lanman under this creative commons license

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5 thoughts on “The Sunday To Wednesday Afternoon Thing

  1. There is a lot of apostrophe abuse on this page. Please don’t spread the plague of apostrophe abuse! Nothing is made plural with an apostrophe! The words “Sundays” and “evenings” and “afternoons” do not have apostrophes.

    I am frequently sad on Sundays and I do not know why.

  2. Hi Ike-sorry about that.Sheer lack of restful sleep yesterday (no really, literally barely conscious all day) & I was making stupid mistakes all over the place so thanks for wagging a finger at me (I think).
    Sundays are still a peculiar day for many people.

  3. My friend Jane and I have a theory about Wednesday basically being an evil entity. Our proposal to deal with the problem is to ban Wednesday and make a six day week with three work days and three rest days. This way everyone can have a proper work-life balance.

  4. Hello Kevin (& friend Jane), that’s a very interesting theory re the evil nature of Wednesdays that would explains a lot (for me anyway).The work life balance thing is a great idea. Frankly if we were all given just 3 days a week in which to work we would all achieve the same if not better productivity due in part to having balance in our lives.
    I second this e-motion wholeheartedly & while we’re about it can we just go straight from Autumn to Spring even if just every other year. You know it makes sense.

  5. I used to feel like that on Sundays too. In fact, when I was working in a horrid job many years ago I always used to watch Poirot on a Sunday night to take my mind off returning to the horridness the next day. It kind of worked. But now if I hear that music or see David Suchet in anything it whizzes me right back to the wretchedness of that Sunday evening feeling.

    But I love Sunday evenings these days.

    Tuesdays have always been my worst day of the working week – everything always goes wrong for me on Tuesday.

    Perhaps we could get rid of Tuesday and Wednesday???

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