Ken Campbell An Improvised Genius Moves On

“I think people apply the word ‘genius’ to me so they don’t have to give me a job. ‘Oh God, we can’t have him involved – he’s a genius”

‘I’m not mad, I’ve just read different books,’

I’ve been surprisingly moved today to learn of the death of Ken Campbell, an actor, comedian, artist and improv specialist who I’ve been lucky enough to perform on a number of occasions. I can’t really express the almost selfish sorrow I feel on hearing his passing and knowing that I’ll never again have the pleasure of being part of his audience again. The man did once apply for the part of Dr Who. Now that would have been an interesting regeneration.

Good memories Mr C.

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One thought on “Ken Campbell An Improvised Genius Moves On

  1. Ken’s finally learnt the art of invisibility, though this time it’s not by simply ‘hiding in front of things’. I’ll miss him greatly, as will we all…his endless inventive wit, his love of characters and the stories they told, his rasping articulate voice, his deep knowledge of cosmic and synchronistic events, his arcane curiosity, his ability to make you see the world in a completely different light and make you laugh ’til you cried. But most of all, I’ll miss his love of life and everything in it. Together with his many, many friends here in Liverpool whose lives were made infinitely richer by knowing him, we say that his inspiration lives on in the Creative Centre of the Universe.

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