Beneficial Eco Downsizing

Turn it off mate

Turn it off mate

A short while ago we received our gas and electric bill. Usually this is the prompt to put on that old long playing record of funeral music, especially so in the present climate of rising energy bills but incredibly even taking the ‘summer’ months into consideration we’ve managed to slash each respective energy bill. Electricity bill slashed by fifty percent and gas by two thirds. And I hadn’t even begun to put any real austerity measures in place.

I don’t know about you but I resent the often all too common necessity of working to live. My own interest in downsizing has been to ensure that my life is not consumed disproportionately with the need to work.
So what seems to have cut the fuel bills quite so dramatically.
Though we capped out prices around 18 months ago until 2010 fuel bills had still been going up for us so the moderate measures I’d put in place were pretty tame.
Small Things-The Recent Changes

(Full screen slideshare here)

I have replaced a computer-side clip on light from halogen to ultra low power LED but this was too recent to

LED desk lamp

LED desk lamp

factor into these last energy bills.The halogen light was probably the highest wattage light in the house & the LED replacement has a natural daylight light spectrum spread and doesn’t produce any heat.

Yet To Do

I’ve yet to invest in a plug in energy consumption monitor or  a savaplug device that even Which! magazine recommends for lowering the electricity consumed by a fridge freezer. Over time I’m keen to investigate affordable passive solar energy solutions too.

Going Too Far?

I’m not especially drawn to living entirely off-grid in a yurt with no electrical items. I’m a gadget, computer technology type of person so I’m very keen on using technology rather than abandoning it but only if they’re a good tool.

On-off switch photo by Andrew Huff under this creative commons license

Slideshare photos under various creative commons licenses: Electricity bill by i a n ,standby button by lecasio ,electrical timer by psd , energy saving light by Lori Spindler ,running bath by Alice J-T ,microwave oven by fotdmike, rechargeable batteries by HckySo.

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One thought on “Beneficial Eco Downsizing

  1. Well done, that’s an amazing achievement particularly since I would guess your bills weren’t too high to start with so a cut of half or two thirds is pretty staggering.

    I very definitely agree re moderating things so that I am not driven to work to meet ends meet. And I am getting there.

    I have cut my bills a bit. What always surprises me is those average prices they quote. I have a reasonable sized house, am in it all day (and feel the cold) and I have a large family who do a lot of sport and therefore make a lot of clothes dirty very quickly and yet my bills are a fraction of those prices so it makes me wonder what Family Average are using.

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