Catching Up With Chrome

Whilst I’m happy to wait around until Google release a Mac version of their Google Chrome browser I am curious as to ways to achieve the browsing speed increase that many Chrome users on Windows report.



Webkit is the technology that Google Chrome is built on, itself originating in the open source world of Linux and developed by Apple for its Safari Internet browser. Webkit is also used by Google’s Android platform for mobile phones.

So when I heard that Webkit had made great strides in improving its Java engine interpreter technology called squirrelfish extreme (I know, great name) I thought I’d give it a spin.

The Webkit download gives me a second version of my Safari browser which although still in development and in need of user feedback gives me probably the fastest rendering web browser experience currently on my Mac.

I did have to disable a couple of Safari plugins in order for it to operate unhindered but its speed shows how quickly the competition will perhaps be able to keep up with Google Chrome in a number of key areas.

Certainly the increased number of web browser options is causing the kind of competition that reaps benefits for the average Internet surfing user.

Webkit is available for Mac & Windows and linux
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