Hole In The Wall

I accidentally caught the BBC putting out their version of this Japanese game show format and sat for a while transfixed at how unremittingly lowest common denominator it was for the BBC.

I was thinking ‘how very ITV’ before finding out it was made for the BBC by Thames Television(now a production company). Charlie Brooker, via his Screenburn column described it much better than I ever could.

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One thought on “Hole In The Wall

  1. When I saw the recent Channel 4 Documentary, ‘The Genius of Charles Darwin’, with Richard Dawkins I thought: “what a shame this wasn’t on the BBC- given their history of superb documentaries and resources particularly in the field of capturing the natural world on film’.

    Given the current state of the BBC, I suspect they would have looked at the pitch and gone… “A nice idea Richard, but we don’t think its going to go down well with our core audience… how about you have a dance-off with you Rowan Williams, and the Ayatollah?”

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