Chimpanzee Consumers?

Oooh get you.A comment about the construction of a new shopping centre in Shepherds Bush, London by Westfield (a common name in Australia).


Photo by LoopZilla under this creative commons license

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3 thoughts on “Chimpanzee Consumers?

  1. My parents have taken the shopping experience to new levels as they visited the Westfield Shopping Centre in its semi-built state as a day out a month or so back. My mother rang me full of excitement (and expecting me to share it I think) about how wonderful it was going to be.

    I do loathe these centres and the whole shopping as a leisure activity thing. I simply cannot understand what the appeal is. Why has it come to this? Our mainland European cousins aren’t quite as obsessed with this standardised approach to shopping. Is it the weather? I suppose shopping is possibly less harmful than turning to alcohol, although I’m not too sure about that. I know which one I would (do) choose!

  2. Really! A day out to see a building site where one day a shopping centre will be.I’m not sure why identikit shopping centres now litter our landscape. They just seems to be part of our somewhat dumbed down culture now. They seem to have been the new churches/religion over the past 15-20 years. Mind you will people have any spare cash by the time it’s completed?.Westfield are a common sight in Australia but I bet we get a ‘clone town’ approach here in the UK.

  3. Our landscape (NZ) has these ugly concrete boxes with acres of car parks everywhere. It all reminds me, in a terrible way, of the story of stuff.


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