Everlasting Poverty

We have the technology to end all world poverty but live is a system in which all possibilities are graded entirely by how much it costs.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity’

-Albert Einstein

Money picture by Joshua Davis , Live8 picture by Richardk ,capitalism kills by dontcallmeikke , Baby scan by RTPeat , ‘feed the poor’ by 20after4 .

Full screen slideshare version here


5 thoughts on “Everlasting Poverty

  1. My son said at dinner last night “the world doesn’t work anymore, does it, mummy but how can it be fixed?” Big question when you are trying to eat risotto.

    They had been looking at photos from around the world in school and given some similar statistics to the ones you quoted – although I think these concentrated more on energy use by rich and poor nations, especially water.

    Apt quotation.

  2. Hey I found your blog by googling my blog’s name. I guess we both like Bowie or you just like to stuff people up the hill backwards.

    Poverty is rampant. I think sadly will always be an issue on this planet. Greed will also always be an issue on this planet

  3. RB- Risotto & big questions are no doubt a bit tough at tea time.Not sure the world ever really ‘worked’.Just we were better at ignoring the injustices.
    Suzie-Not sure I’m that much into stuffing people up the hill backwards so yes a mutual appreciation of that Scary Monsters track is something we seem to have in common. The phrase (& the song) always struck a chord with me. I guess we can’t tackle greed until we remove the need to put a price on everything which of course is a very tall order. Thanks for stopping by.Hope you & yours are well.

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