Acting Your Age

A quick visit to our only nearby supermarket, closed for the past three days due to a refurbishment, yielded an interesting example of role playing by a senior member of our society.

I was standing waiting to use the self checkout facility and the seventy something guy behind me struck up a conversation about how hit and miss the process of swiping your own items was. I agreed and said that it was sometimes hard to get all the items through without some kind of staff intervention but it was still worth it when you only have a handful of items.

The gentleman then revealed that he would normally stand there and look frail and helpless in order to illicit help from the designated self checkout assistant. He followed this revelation with a crafty wink and a wry smile.

I then watched in awe as he suddenly transformed himself into a doe eyed helpless retired gentleman quickly transforming his demeanour he caught the eye of said female assistant who then promptly processed  each and every one of his items herself thus leaving him with little to do but smile meekly and say thank-you as the entire process was completed by a willing third party.

We both left the store at the same time and the helpless stoop straightened into a more healthy upright stride as he exited the store. A small example of one of the rare advantages of over playing ones age and fragility for personal benefit?

Photo by trib under this creative commons license

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One thought on “Acting Your Age

  1. I am having a bit of a senior moment myself here as I thought I had already commented on this piece. I must have planned to do so but not actually done it! Dear me!

    I have been looking at all the old doddery types with a very suspicious eye since I read it. I always think it’s amusing when the assistants have to come over to help an elderly person because they are buying alcohol – just simply to verify that they are over 18.

    You are good at painting a picture with few words – I’ve said it before, I know, but it’s true.

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