Hanging Around In Limbo

Dreaming Is Free?I spent time in limbo last night. In my dream I was massively electrocuted by faulty wiring whilst replacing a light bulb. I writhed around seemingly painlessly and helpless as 240 volts arced through my body. I was aware of my partners distress at being unable to intervene. The world around be faded into a milky white obscurity as I found myself in a limbo world where I was aware I was would spend time before being reborn.

I was able to view the living though few of them could view me.

Picture by Perla Lewis under this creative commons license

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2 thoughts on “Hanging Around In Limbo

  1. You really go for it in your dreams. I never have any really dramatic ones – or I don’t remember them anyway. They are nearly always mundane and involve real people – usually in the wrong place or time.

    Sounds very scary though. Did you have trouble taming your hair the next day?

  2. I always have trouble taming my hair any day. I often feel that my dreams are almost my real life and the waking hours are just a quaint interlude between these various experiences.

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