BBC iPlayer To Go Global

BBC iplayer - Fluid Icon

The BBC iPlayer is to be extended beyond the boundaries of UK license payers at some point in the future as well as extending its current availablity to even more platforms.

Eric Huggers,  Director of BBC Future Media and Technology revealed that iPlayer availability will be extended to more platforms with the long awaited download version for Mac users expected some time before the end of 2008. Downloads will be able to be pre-booked up to 7 days in advance.

Currently iPlayer content is not avilable outside the UK in much the same way that much US television on-line content is unavailable to Internet users outside the US (BBC programming is funded through a license fee that UK television viewers are required to pay). There seems to be no mention of how overseas viewers will eventually avail themselves of content or whether (presumably) this would be charged for.

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