Selling Yourself For Chocolate?

Recently this here item was posted through our door. Free chocolate eh. Very tempting. That is until you

Cheap Chocolate?

realise quite what the trade-off is. Inside the bag is a glossy survey to fill in which basically requires you to reveal a lot of data that advertisers would love to purchase.The game is to leave the bag with the survey completed outside your door and a bag of chocs is left in exchange for you to devour the following day.

Much as we love Lindor chocolate I’m not sure that £3 or so of chocolate is sufficient recompense for the setting free of our personal data which would then be traded between other companies who prize such data. Not a good trade in my eyes. An expenses paid overseas holiday for two is probably nearer the kind of bribe that would have me wavering but I seriously doubt my personal data would command such a reward.

How easily bought do these marketing types think we are? How very dare they!

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2 thoughts on “Selling Yourself For Chocolate?

  1. Oh gosh that is outrageous! I have not come across that before. Chocolate!!!!

    I get those ones that are sent in the post where you are entered into a prize draw or whatever. They go straight into the recycling bin.

    But like you I don’t think I would ever. Or at least the bribe would have to be mighty impressive. What am I saying? What I mean is that no bribe would be tempting enough, I cannot be bought. Not absolutely sure that is true though. I think I could if the price were right!

  2. I would be worried that it is someone worse than marketers, is there such a thing ;), trying to get the data. Leaving it outside the door seems a little dodgy.

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