Selling With Tellier

I’m one of those people that annoyingly notices the names on credits, a particular sample ‘borrowed’ on a record and takes note of the music used in adverts. So my grizzled ears have noticed that currently two adverts showing on Brit TV feature music by Sébastien Tellier.

The Renault advert above uses Tellier’s Divine which was last years French Eurovision entry (easily the best song in the contest and anyone that subverts their own entry by inhaling helium on the night is alright by me even if many fellow French countrymen were outraged that the entry was sung in English).

Another advert (which I can’t currently recall the product* the advert is pushing such is the power of advertising) is using the much used instrumental of La Ritournelle.

I have a love hate relationship with advertising. It’s the lowest of the low in my eyes and yet I’m well versed in its language and can still admire some of the ingredients that are often stolen in the name of pimping a product.

*Update-It’s being used by L’Oréal, another French company.It’s an advert featuring Pierce Brosnan extolling the virtues of moisturising for men(check out Pierce dubbed into other European languages too).

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2 thoughts on “Selling With Tellier

  1. Oh I LOVED his Eurovision song – and have it on my mp3 player. It’s a crying shame more people didn’t think it was worthy of winning.
    It doesn’t really seem to fit that ad though.

  2. I think it proved that Eurovision is less about a good song than it’s ever been. It was brave to put an established artist in (and sing mostly in English) but we’d probably lose even if we’d entered Morrissey with a great song. It was good to see a French entry with a sense of humour card played too.

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