Live From Norwich It’s The Ad Of The Week

This advert seems incredibly over the top and features famous faces who really should know better.We stand open mouthed as we soon realise it’s merely announcing that the insurance company Norwich Union is changing its name to something confusingly forgettable.


5 thoughts on “Live From Norwich It’s The Ad Of The Week

  1. I often wonder about this myself. While I can understand young unknown actors in need of money appearing in advertisements, the big names are rich enough already and don’t need to do this.

    Where film clips are involved, though, the actors appearing in them possibly don’t have any say in the matter as they don’t own the rights to the film.

    • SilverTiger-Yes I agree re established actors and celebrities endorsing products.They tend to go down in my estimation and part of my ask quite how much money they really want.Those that abstain do seem to by an increasing rarity. As you say sometimes use of music and footage can be out of the hands of the artist themselves.
      Happy New Year to you.
      RB- Sadly ‘Pay-as-you-drive’ went the way of the pear as you say which is a great shame for those that only drive a small number of miles a year. A Happy New Year to you also.

  2. I have still not forgiven Norwich Union for getting rid of the Pay-as-you-Drive policy that worked so well for me (but clearly not for it!).

    When I first saw the new name I thought it had been taken over by a bus company, but that is Arriva isn’t it?

    Oh and Happy New Year!

  3. Even Iggy Pop is doing insurance ads now!

    Re’ the Norwich/Aviva ads. I think Ringo Starr would have been just as famous as Richard Starkey due to the fact that he was in The Beatles 🙂

    • Hello Stephen.Your point is well made. I’ve never been fond of Iggy endlessly waving his bare torso at us even if it is in good condition for a ex-drug addict sixty year old but it is a little hard to take when icons such as him sell their souls to advertising to top up the old pension.

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