Throwing The Book At Vinyl

vinylcoverThe recycling of older technology continues with these journals featuring covers made from old LP vinyl records (nothing rare I hope). We’ve already seen compact cassettes remodelled around money purses and belt buckles so this is just another reincarnation for the old ‘liquorice pizzas’. Personally I’d loved to see the same thing with covers made from shiny old silver laser discs. Bit too niche maybe?

UrbanOutfitters via

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2 thoughts on “Throwing The Book At Vinyl

  1. this place where I am staying has a mini-disc player! shame I don’t have any mini discs.

    I love vinyl records – I often get mine out and stroke them. My sons love them too and are fascinated watching them go round on the turntable. They can’t believe that that is what I used to listen to.

    I think I would quite like one of these journal books. Had not heard of them until I saw them here. Hope they only used warped records.

    • I liked mini disc especially for portable digital recording. You can pick up portable player/recorders for very little now. Another failed Sony format. I used to record my old vinyl records onto HiFi video tapes back in the day (cheaper than reel to reel and way better sound than cassette) but hardly portable. I’m sure there are plenty of old Des O’Connor records around that could be suitably reused in this way.

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