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5 thoughts on “Shut Up

  1. The really bad thing about this bloody useless connection is that by the time I get to a comment box I am really crabby at waiting for ages whilst all the “loading” takes place and want to hit someone and shout and scream and also I have completely forgotten what I wanted to say.
    Ah yes – your handwriting is VERY legible. I wish my diary was as presentable as that.
    Amazing to think that people do believe that newspapers are unbiased. My mother sadly believes everything she reads in the DM which is very frightening indeed. But there’s no point getting into an argument about it with her.

    • Hello RB – Glad you could read my writing. I was trying to argue that many news stories can be conveniently filtered through a certain point of view. I often think that people buy the newspaper that tells them the things they want to hear (which is admittedly an even more frightening thought than biased media).

  2. You were right to question that person’s naive view. Newspapers are all biased one way or another, some more blatantly than others. Even trying to be impartial is still bias because one’s view of what is the impartial view is still an opinion.

    Rage, of course, is often the fallback position of people who have run out of sensible arguments and it shouldn’t deter you from making your point. For your arguments to count as “provocation”, you must intend to hurt or annoy the other person which I doubt was the case.

    One doesn’t have to “go into politics” just because one is interested in politics or in disabusing people of political obfuscation. In fact, people who have a clear and rational view of politics are probably the last people who should “go into” it. They would be wasted there, where they would have to toe a line and operate according to bias.

    Carry on socking it to the naive, Em, and do not be deterred by their tantrums.

    I never write anything by hand if I can avoid it. Handwriting and I have always had an unhappy relationship. I cannot write without making mistakes every few letters and that saps my confidence. I admire people who can write legibly.

    • Thanks SilverTiger. It’s all too easy these days to get out of the habit of writing. I used to have a handwriting option on my old pda phone thingy but that made my handwriting look like the product of a deranged three year old.
      I did read recently that writing by hand was needed less and less so thought I’d indulge in a bit of nostalgia c/w lack on in-line spell checker.
      Like you I feel that any form of reportage is always filtered through a certain viewpoint sometimes understandable and other times via a very specific editorial brief.As always thanks for commenting.

  3. “I often think that people buy the newspaper that tells them the things they want to hear (which is admittedly an even more frightening thought than biased media).”

    Yes. Definitely. Very scary. Have come across a few instances recently of people blindly believing what they’re told because it was in a newspaper or said by a celebrity – it utterly confounds me.

    Nice handwriting by the way. Mine conforms to programmer stereotype and suffers more from the lack of backspace than spell checker!!

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