Web Snob

You know that awful thing they say: “What’s so good about Sainsburys? It keeps the scum out of Waitrose”.

It’s that awful British snobbery.

In the same way, if someone’s email address is hotmail or AOL, you kind of think “Hmmn, I see, they’re not a real player, are they?”

I mean please don’t be offended if you’re thinking “How dare you – it’s a perfectly respectable address”, of course it’s a respectable address.

It’s ridiculous and, like all class things, absurd, but the web has it.

Stephen Fry highlighting how  snobbery continues onto the web (hotmail addresses-grits teeth.Must fight own inner prejudice. Smacked wrists all round).

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6 thoughts on “Web Snob

  1. I remember when Hotmail was the “in thing”!! Can’t comment now as Tracy has one 😉 I’m happier with my gMail at the minute though.

    AOL though… used it once and it knackered my PC and wouldn’t let me get to any decent sites as the browser was so out of date and wouldn’t allow half the plugins. I guess the new versions may be better but that won’t stop me avoiding it!!

    • Ha.When was hotmail an ‘in thing’? Must have missed that particular wave fad.Blimey I remember having a hotmail account before it was taken over by Microsoft (these days it’s an address I more associate with spammers and fake charity clothes collectors than genuine users-statistically anyway so it does have a tainted reputation for me but each to their own).Aol’s OK but works better for many if you avoid using their desktop software (even if its heart is in the right place in terms of trying to make the Internet easy to newbies).I’ve wrestled with it on behalf of so many other people.

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