Opera Turbo 10 Speeds Slow Web Browsing

Opera the web browser people are experimenting with a server side compression technology version of their opera_iconbrowser which speeds up web browsing for Internet users with a slow Internet connection. Dial-up, 3G or throttled broadband web browsing speeds can be speeded up by compressing the data via a server doing just this. Traditionally this has been a paid for service that sits in between the computer and its Internet service provider as a third party paid for service (although AOL’s portal software used to compress on-line images a bit more many years ago when more of us had dial-up connections).

The Opera 10 Turbo preview can be downloaded by those who may find this technology of benefit. The compression ‘turbo’ mode can be toggled on and off easily.


Typically it’s pictures which account for a lot of the high data consumption of a web page (excluding streaming video and audio of course) and the effect of compressing what are usually compressed jpg’s anyway is noticeable as the following two examples show.The extra compressed picture via the turbo mode shown on the right shows more compression artifacts and this is the usual compromise that then enables web pages to load faster without having to turn off image loading altogether (which has always been possible in Opera).


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